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What are some harbors?


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Some of the main harbors in ancient Egypt and Greece included the harbor of Alexandria, and Naucratis.

Some famous harbors are Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, Sydney Harbor in Australia, and Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. Other famous harbors include San Francisco Bay and the Port of Singapore.

Germany has ten harbors.

The address of the Two Harbors Public Library is: 320 Waterfront Drive, Two Harbors, 55616 1534

Harbors and inlets are formed when some areas erode more quickly than others. is this rilly right if i spell rilly right

Baltimore, New York City, and Boston have harbors.

There is 13 harbors in new zealand.

Eaton Harbors Corporation was created in 1927.

The phone number of the Two Harbors Public Library is: 218-834-3148.

The three best natural harbors in the world are in London, New York City, and Hong Kong. (It is no coincidence that these cities are some of the biggest and most prosperous in the world.)

Harbors offer a sheltered place for animals such as dolphins and some whales. They provide protection for ships in times of storms. The waters are usually calmer than the surrounding seas.

There are many different harbors in this world, some having very deep water, and others being shallow. Ships enter harbors all the time.

who offered no harbors for invaders from the sea?

A harbor is a body of water that is protected by an arm of land from the ocean. Harbors are usually used by ships to seek shelter during bad weather or storms. San Diego and New York harbors are some natural harbors found in the United States.

The main harbors are Hamburg, Bremen/Bremerhafen, Kiel, Lübeck and Wilhelmshafen

Its natural resources were timber, fish, and deep harbors.

The floating harbors were called Mulberries.

Gig Harbor in Washington and New York Harbor in New York are two.

Some areas of a shoreline erode more quickly than others

NY, NJ, Pennsylvania, etc. Any state that touches a body of water.

The symbol for Two Harbors Investments Corp in the NYSE is: TWO.

The two largest natural harbors in California are the San Diego Harbor, and San Francisco Bay. There are also many man-made harbors found in California.

The harbors were the entry points of many immigrants coming from Europe. Some came with very little money, and settled in the cities by necessity, hoping to get factory or labor jobs. In addition, many of the necessities needed by the colonists came from Europe and the Caribbean and arrived at the harbors, which made these locations desirable for merchants.

Cities on the eastern seaboard of the United States that have harbors include Baltimore, Charleston, Boston, and Providence. Cities with harbors on the Gulf Coast include Galveston, Key West, Mobile, and New Orleans. Towns with harbors on the west coast include Anchorage, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Thew New England Region had great harbors! Also specialized in shipbuilding and fishing.

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