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Harmful arthropods: 1: Mosquitoes are a harmful arthropod. Mosquitoes can cause yellow fever, filariasis, and malaria. 2: Fleas are also a type of harmful arthropod. The bites from fleas transferred the disease-causing bacteria for the Bubonic Plague. 3: Ticks are another type of harmful arthropod. Rocky Mountain spotted fever is characterized by a significant hemorrhagic rash and is caused by rickettsial organisms. The infection is transmitted by ticks. Beneficial arthropods: 1: Spiders are very beneficial arthropods. Spiders are beneficial to man by killing harmful insects. There are very few spider species that actually have venom that are poisonous to man. 2: Crabs are also a type of beneficial arthropod. We cook and eat crabs so we have enough energy and nutrient to live. 3: Lady Bugs are another type of beneficial arthropod. They are used to control aphids for gardens and farms.

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Ladybugs are useful insects because they eat aphids which kill your roses and other flowers. Honeybees are useful because they pollinate plants and provide honey.

Harmful bugs are emerald ash borers because they kill ash trees; tomato hormworms because they eat your vegetables; and Japanese beetles which attack your garden.

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Arthropoda are both beneficial and harmful. Without them we'd likely starve to death pretty fast; about four fifths of the world's flowering plants require some kind of assistance to pollinate and the bulk of the pollinators are insects, so that translates to a lot of fruits and vegetables. We also seek out and harvest them directly for food; crabs, lobsters, etc. Krill have a huge biomass and form a very important part of the food chain, essentially capturing energy from plankton for predators, squid, fish (and humans).

On the other hand, arthropods (particularly insects) can be parasitic, or consume and destroy crops, and are vectors for disease: mosquitoes in particular carry yellow fever, malaria and other diseases which contributes to a huge death toll amongst humans and livestock and arguably make them the most dangerous animals on the planet.

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three harmful arthropds are mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. these are harmful because they carry diseases that are harmful and deadly to us.

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Q: What are some harmful and useful insects?
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