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well u can have a stero,food,u can even go on mini eventures around the neibor hood,play games and etc.

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What are some ideas for the name of a book club?

I suggest this: "The Page Eaters"

How do you write a speech for beta club?

jot down some ideas and go on from there

How does Club Penguin have ideas and i mean how does Club Penguin have ideas for rare penguins and penguin styles and new parties?

Well at the Club Penguin HQ, They hold a meeting to discuss ideas for the future

What is a good name for a fashion club?

Schools have a Club called Super Clubs Plus i have a fashion club on it called HOT HEELSso you might get some ideas from that!

How do you turn into cadence on Club Penguin?

You can't. If you want some more Club Penguin ideas, glitches and cheats, try this site below.

What are some ideas for school club advertising?

Make banners, posters, pins, stickers, flyers.

What is are some good ideas for starting a small club?

getting people .....for one, two would probaly be making a good name for the club ..ect.

How can you submit ideas for Club Penguin?

You can simply just email Club Penguin at this address: You can give them many ideas but there are no guarantees they'll actually put your ideas on Club Penguin. You never know until you try, so do it!

Club Penguin ideas?

i think it is the best

What are some free online games for 10 year old girls?

some feee ideas are: moshi, club, and

What are some cheap fun date ideas?

You could take her to a strip club. Drink lots and then go home and nail her

What names are not taken for Club Penguin?

Want some names on club penguin? Ill give you some of my ideas! Sunny045 Trottles33 Blastfire246 Oreo239457 Hareo234 Pottin36 Visraver12 Joeysome4 burning56 Dude234 bessie678 Perfection11

How do you make my school a better place?

organise more games or have a book club good luck and just think of some ideas :D

What should you name your girls club?

Well. If its a girls only club, why not name it something girly? Here are some ideas.. Pinkies (Taken from the idea of Brownies but girlified :D) Gossip Gals (Cause girls gossip..ALOT!) Beauty Club (You could turn it into a fashion/beauty/make up club.) GorgeousGirls (I dont know..:P) Well, those arent the BEST ideas in the world.. But.. There you are! Hope i helped

Homebrew computer club?

Homebrew Computer club is something that is a club with brewing tea and looking at computers A homebrew computer club is a club were people get together and discuss game and hardware ideas. also, they bring in software/games they have created to show there friends at the club.

What are some ideas for pet stain removal on carpets?

Some ideas for pet stain removal on carpets are as follows: buy Spot Shot Instant Carpet Cleaner, apply Club Soda, use Enzyme Odor Remover, use Baking Soda, following some cleaning tips to be found at Voices Yahoo.

What are some story ideas about greek mythology?

what are some ideas for a greek myth

Where can I find information on a senior citizen travel club?

A good avenue for senior travel is to get in on a tour group package or join a travel club. will fill you in on some unique travel ideas. Check out to join a tour group.

What were some greek ideas?

Some Greek ideas include: - Democracy. - Philosophy. - Many sciences where many new ideas where developed. In particular, on what ideas are you interested?

What are some gift ideas for a new nurse?

The first place i will look to get some ideas is online. There are many sites who offer gift wizards to get some ideas for your gifts. Just go online and type "best gift ideas online" and i am sure you will find some ideas.

Why isn't the sports catalog at the stadium on club penguin not changing?

i think because they have no ideas.

Cool horse club name ideas?

the galloping rush i was never good at making up club names but u might like it idk.

What are some good ideas for a kickback ideas for teens?

Some kickback ideas for teens are read a good book and study for school.

Some of the ideas from the enlightenment led to the?

Some of the ideas from the enlightenment led to the American Revolution.

What are some cool costume ideas for Halloween?

You can get some creative costume ideas at You can also get some ideas at