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Only you can tell what you think is scary or not! If you're going to be a writer, you need to think up your own ideas. Here are some links to help you out.

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It has some scary parts, but mainly, it is a very fun and exciting story.

a ghost coming something scary any scary person

always have some place scary in your story make it jucie and have 2 bad people and 2 good people.THATS ALL ADD ON 2 MY THING

what are some ideas for a greek myth

It's called scary or horror because it scares the reader.

You can get great ideas for making scary customes at your local Michaels store or Party City. You can also go to the following websites such as or

Every scary story has its own plot but there are some elements that they all have in common, including monsters, death, and darkness. Other elements in scary stories include fire, inanimate objects that move, ghostly hand prints, and car that do not start.

The story the exersist

toy story was made by disney for little kids so no its not scary

Some scary monster names are Shadow Demon, Dark Master, Death Lord or Red Devil. Some other ideas are Black Skeleton, Liquid Monster or Dead Zombie.

You can get some great ideas for scary Halloween decorations from a book called, "Extreme Halloween: The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary Again," by Tom Nardone. Inside the book are ideas for creatures to make and other ideas such as pumpkin carving.

If it says "From a true story" or something like that, then yes, yes it is.

ok well you could do a scary hay ride and have people dressed up then have them pop out at you. then you could have people jumping out behind trees scaring your guest.

Thinking up a good story idea may take some time and preparation. But only you can come up with your story ideas! If you try to write someone else's ideas, you will be bored - the story will be crap - and the readers will toss it down and get something with some real emotion in it!Here are some steps to get you thinking.Think of what type of story you are going to write. Are you more interested in contemporary tales, science fiction, romance, horror?Do some research! 99% of a writer's ideas come from looking up information!Think of your story structure - what is your POV? Who is going to tell this story?Try using your own life to trigger some ideas. What conflicts and problems have you been struggling with? What is going on in the lives of your friends and family?Still having trouble thinking of ideas? Try thinking of where you are going to set your story. Do some research and find good locations.

There are tons of costumes you can do for kids that aren't scary. You can easily make or buy costumes like Farmer, Firefighter, Bag of Jelly Beans, or Fairy.

You can either be traditional by using ideas from scary movies or using costume ideas from your own interest. In all honesty though, you should just dress up however you want.

I would recommend anything within the vampire or zombie theme as a scary costume. If you would like to be entirely original, you may want to be a character out of a Stephen King novel or an Edgar Allan Poe story. If all else fails, you can look to online Halloween costume stores for good ideas.

yes, some dinosaurs are scary but some of them are not.

Driving on ICE can be scary. Some INSECTS are scary.

she got her idea 0f a scary story by thinking og old times when she trid to to join the illumanati , and tried the wiji bored

If you tell a scary story in a pink house, it is not scary. Tell a ghost story in the dark, in an environment that puts people in an insecure state, for best effect.

go on google and type scary stories you get all sorts okay :)

Whatever you want it to be about! You're the writer -- you need to write about what you think is scary.

scary movie kidnapping any thing that would catch some ones attion if your playing with your friends

You can write tall tales about anything! Here's a link to show you how authors get ideas.

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