What are some important things to know b 4 buying a house?

Structurally speaking, the single most import thing to find out about a potential house is the condition of the foundation, followed by age/condition of the roof and siding, age/condition of HVAC, and the presence of city water/sewage. Check for any HOA rules/fees. Also I can't remember what the term is but sometimes the county or state has the right to use part of your property for utilities/roads etc. For example, if there are major power lines over part of your property, you may not be able to build anything underneath this area.

Financially speaking, it will save a lot of time and headaches if you go to the bank prior to house shopping so that you know exactly how much they are willing to loan you. Shop around for the best loan/rates and remember that you are potentially going to be employing the bank to handle your loan, so treat it like an interview.

Finally, spend a little money having professionals check things like the HVAC, Foundation, Roof, and anything else you may be concerned about prior to making an offer. Anything you find may be added to the contract, and potentially saving you thousands in the future.