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What are some physical features of the moon callisto?

Some physical features on the moon are craters, lava plains, etc. Some physical features on the moon are craters, lava plains, etc. Some physical features on the moon are craters, lava plains, etc.

What are some of Venus' moons?

Venus Does not have any known moons like Mercury (If caduceus isn't a moon) but it does have interesting features.

What are some interesting features of rheas?

They have feathers

What are some interesting features do anteaters have?

they have very long noses

What are some interesting facts about rockets?

the interesting fact was the 1st monkey to fly to the moon in 1996

What are some geological features of the moon?

holes in the moon and foot prints and craters

Why does the moon sometime appear orange?

When the moon appears orange it is what is known as a 'Harvest Moon' and there are actually some interesting myths to a Harvest Moon and some interesting facts like farmers could still be productive during moonlight hours hence the name 'Harvest Moon'

What are some interesting features in Germany?

landscape. its known as "a hikers paradice"

What are some interesting features on Pluto?

Pluto is the planet in limbo. Some thing it is a planet, while others do not. One of the most interesting features is its small size. There is also leftover ice and water on the planet.Ê

What are some interesting features in Italy?

there are the leaning tower and the mountains.also the lovely water

What are unique features found on earth's moon?

Our moon or known as Luna as no air and some water

What are some features of the moon?

Maria, terrae and sinuous rilles.

What are some distinguishing features of Artemis?

She has a moon above her forehead.

What features can you see of the moon from earth?

Physical features of the moon

What are some interesting body features of zebra is?

This answer has not been answer yet try another one

When was Full Moon Features created?

Full Moon Features was created in 1989.

What are the lion's interesting features?

i believe a lions most interesting feature is its mane but stuff like its tail, teeth, colour and eyes are all interesting features.

Special features in India?

Some special and interesting features in India are the Gangas River, Taj Mahal and many more beautiful places.

What are some interesting features of CaNADA?

Interesting features of Canada include that it is home to the longest street in the world and it is the second largest country by land mass. Canada gets its name from the word Kanata, which means village.

What are the main surface features of the moon?

the main surface features are the craters on the moon and the flag apollo13 put on the moon

What are some interesting features of Mars?

Mars has a ravine which is the first ravine found on a different planet.

What is some interesting features about Mission San Francisco De Asis?

I don't know that is why I am asking you

What are some of the interesting features of old quarantine station?

The morgue, the autoclaves, the showers, the hospital and the view.

What are the interesting features of panda?

what is basic

What process creates surface features on the moon?

Asteroids and gravity create the surface features on the moon.