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singers rappers dancers

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What jobs would music smart people do?

people that are music smart would be good at being a music teacher

Do people in Wisconsin wish they were as smart as people in Minnesota?

Some people in Wisconsin may wish they were as smart as people in Minnesota, the same way some people in Minnesota may wish they were as smart as people in Wisconsin.

Do they have jobs in France?

Some of the people in France have jobs.

Why are monkeys smart?

because if they are not smart then we are not to.....some people believe that our ancestors were monkeys

What is Steve Jobs accomplishment?

Steve Job's accomplishment is the successful ability to find smart people to do the work for him.

How smart is Steve Jobs?


Why are some people really smart?

theyre normal, some people are just not as intelligent.

Do Indian people have cool jobs?

some Indian people are the most richest people in U.S.A. and some other people have jobs like doctors,engineer and transporters.

Is Justin Gabriel smart?

This question does not have a real answer. People have different opinions on what the word smart could mean. some people may say he is, some may not

What are some jobs that people have in Colorado?

some are fisherman

Why are some kids not smart?

cuz in some people there brain isn't fully developed yet so they arent that smart

What's better a smart phone or a Android phone?

Some people think that a smart phone is better than an Android phone. Some people think that Android phones are better than smart phones.

Why are some people called brilliant?

Because they are smart.

How smart is Nick Jonas in school?

He is quite smart according to some people, but you know that you can never be sure how smart he is according to you smartness.

How is Steve Jobs so smart?


Why do some people like IT jobs?

Some people love the challenges of IT. Some like the salaries .

What is the difference between a smart person and an intelligent person?

There is street smart and book smart. Some people are very good at school subjects but hopeless in real life. It is good to have some of each type of smart.

What are some jobs that people do in Africa?


What jobs do some danish people have?

We have the same jobs like every one else

Why do some people don't use drugs?

because there smart

Why do some people have rats?

Because rats are smart and play with you

What jobs do people in china have?

People in China work in factories, restaurants, and mills. Some people in China have government jobs or work in retail.

Why did Steve Jobs drop out of Standford?

He was too smart.

What were the jobs in Ancient Ghana?

Some of the jobs that Ghana people had were camel leaders, farmers, some worked for the king and people who sold stuff at a littles stand.

Do y'all have smart answers?

Some people who answer questions on WikiAnswers do provide smart replies, but some of them are just trying to "be" smart and give stupid answers. If you don't get a real answer, you can just delete the "smart-arse" one and start over.

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