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What are some jobs that make good money and that only needs at the most 8 years of school?


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2006-08-01 03:22:42
2006-08-01 03:22:42

if you want be a teacher like me then just go to college for four years.


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Yes because u will get a good job and earn money and be saticfide with your life!!

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You will need to have good financial sense while going to school to be a veterinarian because you will have to be able to borrow to cover many years of schooling. Money you squander while in school will take years to pay off.

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about 7 years including 3-4 years of pre-law then another 4 years of law school. GOOD LUCK :)

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One way is to apply for student loans. You can also apply for scholerships. Another idea is to first go to a comunity college for a couple of years and work after school to save money, then when you have a good amount of money you can find a college.

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