What are some less common baby names that I should consider?

For a boy, how about "Braylon"?
Braylon comes from the name Brayden and Waylon. For a girl, similar names include Adalyn and Braylin.

Expecting your baby to be a fighter? Try the name "Arlo."
In the original Old English, it means "a fortified hill." Johnny Knoxville named his baby girl Arlo in 2011, but the name can work for either gender.

The name "Remi" (or Remy) can also work for a girl or a boy.
It is a French name that comes from the term "Oarsman" or "Remedy."

The name "Aviana" was popularized by actress Amy Adams.
She named her baby girl Aviana Olea Le Gallo in 2010. Similar names include Aubin and Aurora and Asher.

A strong, unconventional name for a baby boy is "Kael."
It means "Mighty Warrior" in Celtic.

The name "Brinley" means burnt meadow.
Brinley is an exceptional name, not very prevalent in media or literature. It can also be spelled Brinlee, Brinlea or Brinleigh.

For a magical baby girl, you can't beat the name "Elora."
You may recognize this name from Ron Howard's 1988 fantasy film "Willow."

"Cason," also spelled "Cayson" or "Kason," is an extremely modern name for a boy.
It had never appeared before the 21st century.

Try the Swahili name "Zuri" for your little girl.
It means "beautiful."

For a biblical name that's more uncommon than David or John, try "Isaiah."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Carrie Underwood both named their sons Isaiah.

"Auden" is a poetic name for either a girl or a boy.
The name comes from famed American poet W.H. Auden, and it's also popular with celebrities. Actor Noah Wylie named his daughter Auden, and model/actress Amber Valletta has a little boy with this name.

"Riordan" is Irish for "little royal poet."
It's an unusual, gender-neutral name that you'll rarely see anywhere in the U.S.

"Calliope" is a beautiful name for a girl; it's derived from a Greek poetry muse.
It's also been popularized in recent years by a "Grey's Anatomy" character.

For an elegant name for a baby girl, there's "Monet."
It's similar to "Mona," but with a French twist to it.

"Memphis" is a gorgeous and creative name for either a boy or a girl.
If you love music, you can't beat naming your baby after the city that launched the careers of music superstars like Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley.

To name your beautiful baby after a beautiful city, why not "Rome"?
It's only fitting that your perfect baby be named after one of the most beloved places in the world.

For a sophisticated choice, "Sebastian" is as classy as it is creative.
It has elegant roots (think Johann Sebastian Bach) but it's still popular today (think Li'l Sebastian from "Parks and Recreation") and it's a timeless name that will never go out of style.

"Coraline" is a creative take on the classic "Caroline."
The name also has plenty of adorable nicknames, like "Cora," "Corrie," or "Coral."

For a musician or writer, "Lyric" is a beautiful choice for a girl.
It's catchy and cute, and it's becoming more and more popular each year in the United States.

For a religious twist, "Ansel" is a German name that means "God's protection."
This name sounds both elegant and down-to-earth and the same time; it's also inspired and cute.

"Leonardo" is both a popular and sophisticated choice for a boy.
Whether you name him after the artist or the actor, "Leo" is an adorable yet classy choice.