What are some limitation of morality based on religion?

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If you mean limitations with the argument that religion is the source of morality, then you should read The God Delusion. There is a section about this topic. In it, there is a study involving people being asked questions with a morally right answer, such as "Five people are dying from five different organ failures. Should you take these organs from a healthy man sitting in the lobby of the hospital?" The "right" answer is "no." These questions become more complex and there are many. Anyways, the results showed that people who are not religious did not do any differently than people who are. One might say that an atheist got his morality from religions of the past, which were then considered to be truth. This is refuted by that study, because they did the same thing with a tribe that had absolutely no exposure to any religion (of course with questions involving situations that they would understand) and the results were the same. Therefore, it is simply human nature to be moral.
If you meant what are the limitations of basing your morality on religion, then there aren't really any. What most religions teach about what is right and wrong is good. I just don't believe that religion is what created morality. I believe people have always had a sense of morality and that it was then incorporated into religion. But if someone bases their morals off of religion, they'll probably be a good person.
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Since religions have a God with a set of rules to base sin upon then the reasons for the commandments cant be God-Created so who created morality in the first place?

Answer Let's back up a little first. There is a difference between eternal laws and God. The eternal laws simply are. They are the laws of existence. God exists within the parameters of eternal laws. He is our Heavenly Father, of whom our spirits are born. We came to this earth and received a mor ( Full Answer )

What are some limitations about freedom of religion?

Limitations to freedom of religion; hate rhetoric under the guise of religion. The call to hatred, be it gender, race or religion from a pulpit. __________________ One limit to freedom of religion, at least in the US, and at least for the present, is that your practice can never violate civil la ( Full Answer )

Can human morality exist without religion?

Answer Yes. Atheists may be better people than somereligious people. Answer There is no simple "yes" or "no" answer to thisquestion. The Chambers Dictionary's first definitions of moralityare: " relating to character or conduct consider as good or evil;ethical; adhering to or directed towards wha ( Full Answer )

What are some morals?

Money can't buy love. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Having a sharp tongue can cut your' own throat. Go hard or go home. Hit two birds with one stone.

What are some limitations of freedom of religion?

ive been researching this as no one has given me a straight answer,it seems its obviously hard to define, all i have got from theresearch is that is it really religion? or is it the way in which aculture chooses to live, i understand this isnt an answer to yourquestion but my point is, is there a de ( Full Answer )

What does religion say about moral and natural evil?

A: The Christian religion, Judaism and Islam, all say that God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent. This makes the existence of moral and natural evil something of an embarrassment. If we are aware of evil and suffering, then we know we are obliged to do what we can to eliminate those ev ( Full Answer )

How do you define morality without religion?

Opinion You can not. you can try, but you horribly contradictyourself. Without religion, you can not condemn others for doing"bad" because everyone is just doing what THEY believe is right.And we all have different ideas. You can not say we all have theright to believe whatever we want, because what ( Full Answer )

What is Moral Decay in Religion?

I think that this question can be answered in two ways. One is the moral decay of a, individual religious person. One who rejects that which one had to go the way of the world and adopt its ways. Or where the Religion itself with all of its members turn away from their beliefs and go the way of the ( Full Answer )

Does Confucianism religion have any ethics or morality?

Confucianism is just about all ethics and morality. It's more a code of laws for life than a religion. The jokes that start out, "Confucius say..." are satire of all the different little things that make the the complex system for morals, social behavior, political believes, and the philosophy of ( Full Answer )

How is morality different from values and religion?

Morality is the decision of whether things are "right", whether they cause undue harm for an insufficient purpose; values are along the same lines but involve more of a "what do I think is more important"; religion is an organised system of belief centred around faith in and obedience to a god or go ( Full Answer )

How do religions teach moral values?

Most religions teach morals through the use of stories and anecdotes. For example, the Bible is full of stories that try to teach us to act a certain way. Each story has moral to it. They also try to teach us moral values through strict rules, like the 10 commandments. If you don't follow the rules, ( Full Answer )

What are the stereotypes for pagans concerning their religion and morals?

The worst issue is that many Christians thinks that Pagans worship devil. This is not true because Pagans don't believe any entity of pure evil. The root of this steriotypr is that the Pagan god Pan has antlers which are often misinterpreted as the horns of the Christian devil Satan.. Not all the P ( Full Answer )

Which religion is based on moral code?

Answer All the religions are based on moral code, especially Islam insists the right and wrong and moral of good and bad in several places and warns who do wrong and bad.

Religion and moral orientation of Pakistanis today?

Pakistan is officially a Muslim country, with that religion dominating amongst those that are actually religious. Countries in the Eastern Hemisphere are stricter about their religious beliefs than those in the Western Hemisphere. With that being said, a person's morals are still ones own "code of c ( Full Answer )

What role does religion play in morality?

Religion can play a large role in morality. Sense religions tend to tell people how they should live it would affect morality. . Morality is determined by socially acceptable behaviors and religion was created to enforce those behaviors so that there would be a controlled society based on the ( Full Answer )

Is morality independent of religion?

Yes, you don't have to be religious to have morals. Qualities like honesty and altruism are older than religion , are printed in our genes and also taught to us by our parents, but it's fair to say that many people whose lives have gone astray (such as a result of substance abuse) have led more dece ( Full Answer )

What is morality in religion?

Morality concerns every individual as to understanding the difference between good and evil or right and wrong. It is the ability to apply in our lives that which is good, and to conduct our lives in a manner that will be pleasing not only to ourselves but to those whom we come into contact with. . ( Full Answer )

What is your religion base on?

Our beliefs as Jehovah's Witnesses are based on Jehovah's inspired written Word, the Holy Bible. . For a brief list of some of basic Bible based beliefs, and Scriptures from which we derive these beliefs, please see the related links below. . The article in the first link is actually article three ( Full Answer )

Are Religion and Morality inseparable?

Certainly not. Humanism is a collective term for a number of philosophies dating back to ancient Greece, India and China; what they have in common is an emphasis on human concerns without reference to the supernatural. You could say that they derive a system of morality by reference to humans rathe ( Full Answer )

Are religion and morality separable?

Yes, you can have religion and no morals (pedophile priests), and morality without religion--many people have ethics but no particular religion. I'm pretty sure most of the people on death row call themselves religious.

What are the religious techings of morality and religion?

You should probably rephrase your question. It's difficult to answer "What are the religious teachings of religion" and "What are the religious teachings of morality". You would need to spicify what religion. Morality is simply the priciples concerning decisions of right and wrong. So each religion ( Full Answer )

Why religion and morality are inseparable?

Since we have different words for them they are necessarily seperable, unless if your religion teaches they are inseparable. Answer Religion and morality are indeed separable. It is a fallacy to think they are not. Modern history has an abundance of religious leaders who displayed very immoral ( Full Answer )

What are the ethics and morality that Islam religion teaches?

the Prophet Muhammad said that man's duty is to worship only the one true God, to obey his parents, to take care of the orphans, the widows, and the needy, to either speak a good word or keep silent, to treat guests and slaves equal to or better than the way he treats himself, to not slander chaste ( Full Answer )

How has religion led to moral decay?

to put it very simply, religion has led to moral decay by celebrating logical self-contradiction and circular reasoning. It has allowed the mere expression of faith to be more significant than actual moral practices. It allows people to seem sane when they talk about their 'conversations with God'. ( Full Answer )

What religions have limitations?

Basically all religions have limitations in one way or another that have been set a particular way for quite some time. It's people who choose to stretch (or shrink) those limitations to how they see fit and to what suits them and their cause or agenda.

Is Christian morality based on external actions?

Christianity is a relationship. Although External Actions play an important part in Christianity, it is not the base of Christianity. It depends on the motive. A True Christian will do good on the inside because he/she has God(Jesus) inside, and a False Christian will do good in an attempt to attain ( Full Answer )

What are the similarities between religion and morality?

This topic can not easily be answered in a short statement. Many people have spent their whole lives answering this question. However, morality is often defined as a system of moral conduct put forth by a society. A society's religion often defines its system of moral conduct. So, your question is a ( Full Answer )

What is difference between morality of religion and morality of secularism?

A: Christians cite the Bible as their moral guide, although there is little in the Bible that really provides practical, day-to-day advice on resolving ethical problems. More directly, some would attribute morality to God, saying that without God there can be no morality. This very issue was exami ( Full Answer )

What is the place of morality in religion?

This is a great question. Morality should be the backbone of religion, sadly we have not found that to be true over the years. The sexual abuse of children has no place in religion or in moral living, yet we have found this dirty little secret to be rampant in the Catholic Church and the Orthodox ( Full Answer )

What is christian morality based on?

Christian morality is based on the classic "golden rule", which basically is "do onto others as you would have them do onto you." (matthew 7:12) so if you value your own life, don't kill other people. if you want to keep your money, don't steal from others, etc. the whole meaning of this is to tr ( Full Answer )

How is religion a source of morality?

All religions teach high moral values. An important function of scriptures is to explain the moral values expounded by the religion. But religion is not a necessary source of moral values, since many people live ethical and fulfilling lives without any religious beliefs.

What religion was the gupta religion based on?

The Gupta Wasn't really based on any religion. But as America (and other countries) has many different religions, it also had a couple religions. Both Buddhism and Hinduism were widely prevalent. The characteristic features enabled it to survive till today; whereas the new features of Buddhism led t ( Full Answer )

Importance of religion to moral upbringing?

Morality is often tied to religion, but not always. While a religious tie can provide a rationale for morality as well as a system of punishment and reward for behavior in a moral context when bringing up children, it is not needed. Many children are brought up with a very strong sense of morality w ( Full Answer )

Do you need a religion to be moral?

To be moral we need to have some higher ideal. The philosophy that says it is enough to be a good person without faith in a higher power is one of the six main philosophies that existed in ancient India and it was called Karmamimamsa. The problem with this philosophy that if we do not believe in som ( Full Answer )

What is the relationship between religion and morality?

You probably meant to ask "What is the connection between religion and morality?" to which the answer is that they have a very tight relationship. Beside stories and beliefs the specific religion offers, it also holds it's moral values. For example, the whole Christianity revolves around Ten Command ( Full Answer )

Why is Christianity considered to be a fear based religion by some scholars?

While proponents of Christianity see it as positive and hopeful, its detractors say its theology places too much emphasis on punishment. Some denominations of Christianity seem to focus almost entirely on sin, forbidding a long list of actions and behaviors, and warning believers of what will happen ( Full Answer )

What was the origins and significance of Judaism as the first monotheistic religion based on the concept of one God who sets down moral laws for humanity?

A: Scholars are divided on whether the the origins of Judaism as a monotheistic religion are with the seventh-century-BCE reign of King Josiah or whether those origins are really in the Babylonian Exile. Until late in the twentieth century, the consensus of scholars was to accept the biblical text ( Full Answer )

What religion is moral freedom associated with?

Catholicism you have the freedom to make choices but that comes with a cost if you make an unethical decision and go against God unless you ask for forgiveness and repent

How do religion influence acquisition of moral values?

The Bible says that pure religion is to help widows and orphans and I suppose you may call this the 'aquisition of moral values', but the Bible teaches much more than this, and in fact, any 'moral values' that we think we may have, are called, 'our righteousnesses' which are filthy rags according to ( Full Answer )

Did Christianity based on Hindu morals?

No. Christianity is based on Judaism. Judaism gets it's moral basis from a collection of books that is often referred to as the "old testament" which forms about 3/4 of the modern day bible. One of the key passages in that text -- that forms the moral code of Judaism are the Ten Commandments found ( Full Answer )

When will government limit freedom of religion?

That is currently happening . Several governments limit the freedom of religion. As an example, in Iran, if you change your religion (from Muslim to something else) you can get executed for "apostasy".

Are religions moral?

yes, religions are based on a moral set of codes. religions are written to achieve per-fact moral that God said samething in any religion that is live without any kind of violence bygiven all three instrument by GOD call pure mind. pure speech andpure body. whiteout pure food the mind never be pure ( Full Answer )