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Cold temperatures in the temperate deciduous forest limit the amount that trees can grow in a year. They go into a period of dormancy and only actively grow during warmer temperatures.

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Limiting factors of temperate deciduous forest?

Limiting factors of the Temperate Deciduous Forest are pests, disease, and sunlight. Also the variety of people in this location.

What are the limiting factors of a Temperate deciduous forest biome?


Biotic factors in a temperate deciduous forest?


What are the limiting factors for deciduous forest?

The temperature, the place and water.

Is the temperate deciduous forest and deciduous forest the same thing?

No because a temperate deciduous forest is hotter than deciduous forest. Temperate Deciduous Forest : Asia Deciduious Forest: Long island New York

What are some abiotic factors in a Temperate Deciduous Forest?

Abiotic factors are the non-living components within a biome. Some abiotic factors in a temperate deciduous forest are: minerals in the soil, altitude, precipitation rate, wind.

How much light is there in a temperate deciduous forest?

It would be impossible to measure all the light in a deciduous forest but a deciduous forest gets quite a bit of light. The only factor limiting the amount of light would be the trees in the forest.

Where is a good temperate deciduous forest?

Northern California supports good temperate deciduous forests. I think Yosemite might be a temperate deciduous forest.

What is the temperate deciduous forest?

The temperate deciduous forest is a forest in the temperate zone of the world . It contains over 66 percent of the worlds species. You can find out more about and what the temperate deciduous forest on it is simply only a click away! LOL!!

Why is temperate forest called deciduous forest?

Because a temperate deciduous forest contains trees that loose their leaves in the winter, and that is what deciduous means. In an temperate coniferous forest, trees don't loose their leaves, such as evergreens.

What is another name for temperate deciduous forest?

Broadleaf forest is a synonym for temperate deciduous forest. An example of this biome is the Smoky Mountains. :) :) :) :) :)

Where does a deciduous tree grow?

A temperate deciduous forest.

Are there monkeys in the temperate deciduous forest?

Yes, I think there are monkeys in the deciduous forest

What are the decomposers in a temperate deciduous forest?

Decomposers in a temperate deciduous forest are: Fungi, Bacteria, Earth Worms, Fly maggots.

What does a temperate deciduous forest look like?

Temperate Deciduous Forest looks like a endless meadow with a lot of trees.

Temperate deciduous forest size?

A temperate Deciduous forest can vary in sizes but they are on average around 3,000 sq. miles

5 abiotic factors in the temperate deciduous forest?

precipitation ,temperature ,rocks ,air ,and dirt.

What are the main biomes of New Jersey?

There are several main biomes in New Jersey. These include the Eastern Deciduous Forest, Temperate Deciduous Forest, as well as Temperate Broadleaf Deciduous Forest.

What are some names for the temperate forest?

The Deciduous Forest

Is London in the temperate deciduous forest?


What biome does the trillium flower live in?

the temperate deciduous forest or just deciduous forest

What is the gray wolf's biome?

Boreal Forest Temperate Deciduous Forest Temperate Grassland

What items do you pack to go to the temperate deciduous forest?

What do you you have to pack to go to the temperate forest

What is the climate in the temperate deciduous forest?

the answer to this question "what is the climate for the temperate deciduous forest" is that there is an average of 29.5 inches of rain. the average of the Fahrenheit is 82.4 degrees, which is in the summer. the average of the Celsius is 42.8 degrees, which is in the winter. that is the climate for a temperate deciduous forest!

What are some threats to the temperate deciduous forest?

There are a great many threats to the temperate deciduous forest. Deforestation and clearing for farming are major threats.

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