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Q: What are some long-term effects to your body using tobacco?
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Which part or the body is NOT affected by tobacco?

it effects the whole body

Which part of the body is NOT affected by tobacco?

Tabbaco effects the whole body

What are five effects of tobacco on your body?

i dont have a clue!

Which substance is not absorbed by the body when using snuff?


Why is Tobacco unsafe?

Tobacco is unsafe because of the various effects it has on the human body. It can cause damage to the lungs and premature wrinkling of the skin.

What are the physical effects of tobacco?

increase of carcinogens in the body which is a primary cause of lung cancer

Describe the effects that tobacco has on the body?

All of tobacco's effects are negative, and here are some of the ones that I know: yellowing teeth, wrinkly skin, everyone knows the horrible effects on the lung, rotting gums from chewing tobacco, nose cartilage decay from snorting tobacco, puffy red eyes, dark rings under eyes, and many others. Different ways of ingesting tobacco into your system cause different problems throughout your whole body.

What are 2 harmful effects of smokeless tobacco on the body?

It can effect the lungs and your brain it cause you to have amnesia

What are the longterm affects of male homosexualty on the body for someone that has had gay sex for 50 years or longer?

There are no long term effects. Myths about damage to the rectum have all been disproven.

What does kuber tobacco do to the body?

What doEs to do tobacco with body

What are the harmful effects that drugs alcohol tobacco anabolic steroids and dietary supplements have on the body?

they all shorten your life

What are negative health effects of tobacco?

canceraffects your body's developmentchronic bronchitisheart diseasestrokewheezingfrequent coldsbleeding gumsfrequent mouth sores