What are some mbt alternative shoes?

There is a company called RYN that have a great technology in that they offer the same health <SPAN style="POSITION: static" textContent="null">benefits</SPAN> yet they are more stable. The styles are also so much nicer. They are hard to find but a good site is <A href="http://www.rynamerica.com">www.rynamerica.com</A>

@update - Why buy alternative MBT shoes? MBT have their new 2009 edition out with new great styles and colors. RYN are another, cheap version of MBT. They don't have the masai sensor like the MBTs and therefore don't provide all the benefits MBT shoes do. I would recommend you to read more about the shoes. Read more about the MBTs at www.mbtshoereviews.com to learn more about the shoe.