What are some mother jokes?

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Find Yo Mamma jokes on YouTube.

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Q: What are some mother jokes?
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what I usually do is I go on the internet and i types in : "what are some good jokes?" and some good jokes will most deffenitly come up. hope this helps you little buddy. p.s. sometimes you can just think of good jokes (that you made up) on the top of your head. Example: what did the mother beaver say to the baby beaver when he cam home? Shut the dam door !

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Since jokes are subjective and jokes only if you think they are, I can only provide what amuses me: The joke's on you.

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Inside jokes are personal jokes between friends that only those people can understand.

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Some of the Joke resources for jokes of the day are that people submit different jokes, and then they are voted on to see which ones are the best ones.

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dang i really only know blonde jokes sry

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