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Telling them how good your sex life is with them even tho it might suck


When you love someone nice things to tell them will, or should, come naturally to you. Tell them what's in your heart.

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Q: What are some nice things to tell the person you love?
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What to do when the person you love has no feelings for you?

don't worry ...give that person some time not everyone falls in love at first sight....... do some nice things for this person.... take them out on a date.... maybe even give them some hints just don't push it too far

Why you are love him?

i love him because he is nice we have the same personalities and like do some of the oppsite things.

How do you fine some one to love?

I think by being NICE to the person! I think by bring REAL with that person!

What are some good things about mothers?

They love you, care about you, bake nice chocolate cakes, and they're cool.

What does it mean if some one gives you things but doesn't know why?

Maybe that person likes you or is just trying to be nice.

What traits are needed by a teacher?

First of all, that person has to be willing to listen. Patience is a very important trait for teachers. Second, a person has to be quick in doing things. Third, a person will have to be nice. Not too nice, but nice enough to let students enjoy school in some kind of way.

When was Some Nice Things I've Missed created?

Some Nice Things I've Missed was created in 1974-07.

What do you do for a mother to love you?

u be real nice to her do nice things for her tell her i love u I don't disagree with what was written before, but I have to let you know: with some people, sometimes, it doesn't matter how wonderful you are, your mother or father or husband or wife just isn't going to love you the way you deserve.

Does the person that you are in love with have a nice unique smell?

Usually, when you love someone you tend to like the way they smell and the odor that they're body lets out. This is only true in some cases, not all.

What are some needs of babies?

Babies are in need of lots of things such as love, attention, food, sleeping, diaper changes, toys, a nice warm bed.

What are some nice closings for a letter?

Sincerley, With Love

What are some good things to say to start conversations on MSN with girls you like?

You could start talking to her by asking how her day went and then maybe start talking about things she likes to do Answerallways act nice and confident in your speech and ask her things and be nice to her. also, never gve up. she might just get to like you over time!!! if you thinks she has the slightest intest in you. tell her in a nice way that youare in love withher (or say ily - i love you)