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What are some nonrenewable energy sources?

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Some are coal,lignite,oill,natural gas,shale oil, and uranium.

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What are some nonrenewable sources of energy?

Some nonrenewable sources of energy are gas, oil and coal.

What are some examples of nonrenewable sources of energy?

Oil, copper, and natural gas are three examples of nonrenewable sources of energy.

If an energy source is nonrenewable?

some energy sources are non renewable but some are renewable

What are nonrenewable energy sources?

nonrenewable energy sources are sources that are depleted sources as fossil fuels (wood, coal, natural gas, and oil)

What are the major nonrenewable and renweable sources of energy?

The major nonrenewable and renweable sources of energy include oil and solar sources respectively.

Is energy resource or nonrenewable?

There are many sources of energy, some renewable and some non-renewable.

Why is some conventional nonrenewable energy sources important?

some conventional nonrenewable energy sources(like:- coal, petrolium etc) are important as those do not depend on climate or environment,place etc.

What are the 3 sources nonrenewable energy?

Coal, oil, and natural gas are the main three nonrenewable primary energy sources.

Is electiccal energy nonrenewable?

Electric energy is a secondary source of energy. This means that it needs a primary energy source to be generated. The renewable and nonrenewable energy sources are called on the primary energy sources and not on the secondary energy source. For example Coal, natural gas, ... etc are nonrenewable energy sources. Solar energy, wind energy, ... etc are renewable energy sources.

What is meant by nonrenewable energy?

Nonrenewable energy sources are sources of energy which wont come back any time soon (oil/uranium), whereas renewable sources of energy are energy sources which are there whether we use them or not (solar energy, wind, waves, ect)

What is the percentage of nonrenewable energy sources?


How are renewable and nonrenewable energy sources different?

Yes, nonrenewable and renewable sources are different - very different. For example, nonrenewable sources such as fossil fuels harm the environment and will run out soon. Green renewable sources are good for the environment such as solar energy. It comes from the sun. That is why it is called solar energy.

Why is nonrenewable energy easier to use?

nonrenewable energy sources are easier to use as their technologies are well established since thousands of years. Also, they are more reliable energy sources.

What are the four sources of energy?

The sources of energy are divided into renewable, nonrenewable, primary, and secondary. Most energy comes from nonrenewable sources that include oil, coal, hydrogen, natural gas, electricity, and uranium or nuclear.

Which sources of energy are nonrenewable and which are renewable?

nonrenewable=coal,gas,mineral energy.renewable=water,light of sun

What energy source is used most today?

nonrenewable sources of energy

What is good about nonrenewable energy?

Nonrenewable energy sources are more reliable, having higher efficiency, and less land consuming.

Which of these energy sources originates from a nonrenewable resource?

fossil fuel

Which energy sources originates from a nonrenewable resource?

Fossil feuls

Dose renewable energy sources put out the same amount of power as nonrenewable energy sources?

it aint6 a such thing as school

Is most of the electrical energy produced in Ontario is produced by nonrenewable energy sources?

Yes it is

Why are renewable energy sources better than nonrenewable sources?

they are less expensive They can be used again

What is nuclear energy related to?

Nuclear energy is related to nonrenewable and/or non-conventional primary energy sources.

What are some energy sources is nonrenewable?

coal, natural gas, oil, oil shale and tar sands, nuclear power

What are some forms of nonrenewable energy?

Coal, natural gas oil & nuclear are some forms of nonrenewable energy.

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