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Counselors face many problems. First, they have to try to connect on a certain level with students who are a severals years yougner. That being said, you have to realize they have different thought processes, goals and ideals. The student's primary concern, a lot or most of them, is what does the girl or guy two rows over think of me? The counselor is thinking about whether he/she can help this kid direct his/her path fro the future. They also have personal issue to think about, bills, family or social life. I know we all have to keep business and personal life separate but the fact is: the two intertwine, you cannot just escape either for x number of hours a day.

Additionally the counselor has laws to ensure they do their jobs in a predetermined manner. Theere are ethical concerns, they have to be careful no to cross the line making them selves vulnerable. The want and need to become close enough emotionally in some cases that the student will allow them to help, but, too close could spell trouble.

Then there are parents. Some feel insecure and think the counselor is trying to take their place. Some don't appreciate help from "outsiders". Ther are some who have unreasonable expectations of both the student and the counselor.

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There are a number of issues facing school guidance and counseling. Here are two. 1. The issue of Position v Program: Although most professional school counselors ascribe to the ASCA national model or at least use the common language associated within the model which describes guidance as a program, many school professionals--teachers and administrators view guidance from a position orientation. When viewed from a program orientation, school counselors have a content to deliver that revolves around the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students, and a method to deliver that content through a guidance curriculum, individual planning, and responsive services. There is also a framework and structure to manage and evaluate the program through system support. When viewed from this perspective, guidance and counseling has a clear role to play in supporting the overall mission of a school. From a position orientation, you have a system where all sorts of duties may be assigned that may or may not have anything to do with the work of the school counselor. It is essential that we begin to understand guidance and counseling from a programmatic view that will address the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students and assist schools in improving student performance 2. Another issue is accountability Guidance programs have for too long have focused on process as evaluation--a summary of what school counselors do. It is an important aspect of evaluation as it helps programs stay focused on the important work of the school counselor. However, it needs to be taken a step further. We now need to address what IMPACT school counselors and their programs are having on relevant student behavior such as performance, attendance, behavior, etc. There is much work still to do in this area.

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Q: What are some of problems facing guidance and counseling coordinators?
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