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Q: What are some of save the children philanthropic activities?
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What activities has Oxfam been involved in?

they help people from asia GEE THANKS BUD! >.<

Which philanthropic activities and accomplishments made Prince Charles?

what are some of philantropic activities of Prince Charles

What are some of the activities carried out for children to promote ahealthylifestyle?

there are a lot of activities carried out for children , some of them are art ,kids craft,computer games are also a part of children activities which classified as culture, flying a kite is one of the most fun activities for kids .

What are some anti bullying organizations?

Save our children

What are some polar express activities for kids?

The Polar Express book offers a wide range of activities for children. Some of the activities covered in the book are crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, as well as math problems and many other ideas geared for teaching children.

What activities help children ks1 to do better?

Ks1 has several science and mathematics activities to help children do better. Some of these activities include Organizing Data, Money, Length and Weight, Telling Time, Addition and Subtraction, and Division.

Which activities can be part of the kids art?

There are many activities that children love to be a part of. A fun (and cheap) option is children's art. With some paper, crayons, markers, or paint, a child can be entertained for hours.

What are some activities offered on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

There are many fun and exciting activities to participate in. Some of these activities include special dining experiences, activities just for children, teen dances, swimming, hot tubs, and the list just goes on and on.

What are the top attractions and activities in Missouri and their suitability for young children?

There are not many attractions in Missouri. It seems like a pretty boring state to me. Maybe if you did some searching you may find the right activities for you and your children.

What are some fun activities for children to do during the Super Bowl?

Let them watch the SUPER BOWL

Where is the best place to find activities for autistic children online?

I came across a link with many activities for children with Autism at The site lists the top 10 activities to do with children with Autism.

What is the Six Flags Fright Fest like for children?

One should check the schedule for Fright Fest closely if they have small children. There are usually some activities early in the evening that are geared toward children. However, the activities later in the evening are not recommended for children because they are too scary.