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The pyramid and "all seeing eye" are defiantly two.

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Q: What are some of the Freemason symbols on a one dollar bill?
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Is SpongeBob freemason?

I think yes. Because in many episodes there were some -behind the sene- great symbols of freemasons. you can search for it on youtube.

Who is pictured on the one dollar bill coin?

yes I can it looks like a dollar bill with a dollar suck on some how in about the midle

Is President Jakaya kikwete a freemason?

It is said to be so due to the symbols he used to show when talking and look at his body language . Actually it is impossible to tell whether or not someone is a Freemason by body language or some arcane interpretation of how he holds his hands.

Is there such thing as a 70 dollar bill?

There is no 70 dollar bill, there is some money that has value of 70 dollars such as old us currency

How do you levitate a dollar bill?

my way of levitating a dollar bill is taking tree sap sticking some to the dolar bill then some to my fnger then i say im levitating it cuz many people dont see the sap in between

What ghost are you supposed to see in a one dollar bill?

You are supposed to see a man on the left side if the dollar bill. I don't know if you have to put it up to some light or not.

Was Joseph Franklin Rutherford of jehovahs witnesses a freemason?

Rutherford was never a Freemason himself, although it is thought by some that he shared interests with them. However, looking at his term of presidency with the Jehovah's Witnesses it highly likely that he didn't or at least that he broke away from Freemasonry. Contrary to his predecessor, CT Russell, who had strong links to Freemasonry, and was quite possibly a recognized Freemason, Rutherford later rejected much of the symbols and other occult practices that Russell have introduced.

What is the value of a 1925 US 1 dollar bill?

idk where you got that information... a buddy of mine has 1925 1 dollar bills. I think you got some wrong information or these 1925 dollar bills my buddy has are some kinda rare dollar bill but Im pretty sure they do have 1925 dollar bills

How much is a Rare 1975 5 dollar bill what is it worth?

The answer to your question depends on the condition of the bill. There are some five dollar bill that could be worth 7.00 in average condition, but the same bill in perfect condition could be worth 700.00. The serial number is also important.

What coins does George Washington appear on?

A quarter, a one dollar coin, and a silver five dollar coin

How much money is a two-dollar bill worth?

2 dollars. You can still get them at some banks.

Can you put your picture on a dollar bill?

yes on some sites you can upload you picture so yes