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People do NOT normally get upset about things (anything) when they are NOT involved. Once they are involved, they get upset. These people were upset: Doctors, lawyers, school teachers, fathers, uncles, sons, nephews, cousins, neighbors, home owners, newly weds, friends, STUDENTS, road workers, plumbers, Baseball players, football players, hockey players, golfers, surfers, bowlers, etc. etc. were being DRAFTED into the US Military to fight in Vietnam.

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What were the arguments against the Vietnam war?

The military draft.

What were some arguments in vavor to the Vietnam war?

Stopping communist aggression.

Why were some people against the Vietnam war?

Some people were against the Vietnam War because young men were being drafted to fight in the war.

What arguments were put forth against the war in Vietnam?

Common citizen wise, no one cared; until they got drafted.

Richard Nixon was for or against the Vietnam war?

Richard Nixon was against the Vietnam War!

What are some of the responses form the Vietnam War?

During the war, hardly no one would discuss it; all it caused was arguments (or worse).

How did Australians citizens react to the Vietnam War?

Some were for our part in the Vietnam war and some against however by the time we left the war most were against it and it had a lot to do with the downfall of the liberal country party coalition of the day.

When was Vietnam Veterans Against the War created?

Vietnam Veterans Against the War was created in 1967.

What were arguments for and against slavery in the US?

war war war

What arguments did protesters use against the vietnam war?

Protesters charged that American lives and money were being wasted on an un-just war. The government of South Vietnam, they said, was no better than the Vietcong or the North Vietnamese.

What are some organizations that were against the Vietnam War?

See: List of anti-war organizations.

Who protested against the Vietnam War?

hippies protested against the vietnam war because they wanted peace

Why was the Vietnam war considered a Civil War?

because it was north Vietnam against south Vietnam

Who was the Vietnam war against?

Communist North Vietnam .

Who was the US fighting against in Vietnam War?


Who was against who in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam against South Vietnam The USA, Australia and New Zealand.

When was American Writers Against the Vietnam War created?

American Writers Against the Vietnam War was created in 1965.

Why was the Vietnam war important in the Vietnam war?

Because it caused a lot of dead, protests, riots, arguments, and headaches for a very long time.

Why did the us become involved on the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war. A war against communism.

Who was for or against the Vietnam War?

Many who didn't have to fight the war, were for it. Many who had to fight the war, were against it.

Who started the Vietnam war America or Vietnam?

North Vietnam started the war against South Vietnam; the US went to the aid of the South.

What were some of the arguments from the Vietnam war?

Probably the biggest argument was that it was a civil war, and the US should stay out of it. It wasn't a civil war. A civil war is ONE NATION fighting against itself; the Viet War consisted of TWO NATIONS fighting each other. Just like WWI, WWII, etc. were.

How Long did the Vietnam War go on?

the Vietnam war against the Americans went for 20 years

Why did Australia begin a protest movement against the Vietnam War?

Because they are against war.

What was the Vietnam War against?

Against Communist North Vietnam's take over of the Republic of South Vietnam.

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