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the island he first visited was called the tino.

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Q: What are some of the islands christipher columbas visited on his first trip?
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Who first visited the galapagos islands in 1835?

Charles Darwin

An explorer who visited the pacific islands?

Captain James was the first person to visit the pacific islands

When did christopher columbas make his first voyage to the new world?


Which three islands did Columbus vist first?

Columbus first visited the Bahamas, landing in a place he named San Salvador. He later sailed to Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles, two other islands in the Caribbean.

Did James Cook discover Hawaii?

James Cook was the first European to discover Hawaii which, at the time, he named the Sandwich Islands. He first visited them in 1778.

Why do Americans celebrate Columbus day in october?

because its when columbas first came to america

Would it be true to say that columbas first settlement was named hispaniola?

Hispaniola was the first settlement. This happened in Columbus.

What ghost visited Scrooge first?

scrooge's partner Marley visited him first

When was the moon first visited by humans?

The moon was first visited by humans in the year 1969.

Who visited baby jesus first?

The first people that visited Jesus as a baby were the shepherds. The shepherds were visited by an angel and were told about Jesus' birth.

Who visited Jesus at the stable?

First the shepherds visited Jesus, then it was the wise men who visited Jesus.

What is the first planet visited by humans?

earth is the first planet humans have visited and the only one

Was the Loch Ness Monster first sighted by the Japanese?

No, the Japanese were not the first to see Nessie. Nope, St. Columbas was the first to come across ol' Nessie

Is the Galapagos Islands the first world heritage site?

Yes. The Galapagos Islands is an archipalego off the coast of South America, belonging to the nation of Ecuador. The islands are home to the Galapagos Giant Tortoise, the land iguana and several unique species of finch. The English naturalist, Charles Darwin, famously visited these islands during the voyage of the Beagle.

What was the first place Pope Benedict XVI visited after becoming Pope?

The first country he visited was Germany, his homeland.

When was Jupiter first visited by a satellite?

Jupiter first visited by satelite at December 3 1973 by pioneer 10

When was Islands First created?

Islands First was created in 2008.

When did colunbus discover America?

first of all its Columbus or as ruben in my class likes to say "Christipher can't-find-us and at about 1500 A.D.

What did Columbus name the first island he visited in the Americas?

San Salvador was what Columbus named the first island he visited in the Americas.

Christipher Columbus found America first?

The Native Americans found America first. If you want to know which explorer found America first, it was Amerigo Vespucci. Some people say Columbus did, but he didn't.

What was the island that Columbus discovered?

The first island was one of the Caribbean Islands and he named it San Salvador. He visited many others including one call Espanola, which today is called Hispaniola.

Was Venus the first planet Earth visited?

earth has never visited another planet

Where was the first place Pope John Paul visited after becoming Pope?

He visited Poland.

Who visited to space first?


What was name of the first spacecraft that visited the mars?

The First Aircraft that ever visited the planet is the dumbest question, Don't you know how to specify questions fool?

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