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What are some of the main questionw people asked about Cuba during the Spanish American War?


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which of the following is not associated with the spanish American war which one


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I'm glad I finished that chapter on the Spanish-American War before the test.

Bolivian people speak Latin American Spanish which is a little different from Spanish.

Spanish speaking south american people.

The Volunteers were American cowboys and adventurers.

south American people spoke spanish because it was their inheritage

The British enlisted the services of enslaved people during the American Revolution.

* Spanish American: an American whose first language is Spanish * related to a Spanish-speaking people or culture; "the Hispanic population of California is growing rapidly"

- Spanish People - African American (slaves most likely) - Native American - Women

because they didnt have no one to care for so they just fighted on horses,llamas,and donkeys

yellow journalism. people wanted americans to get hyped up about getting involved in the war.

The pope required that the Spanish monarchs make the conversion of native people to Christianity a priority during colonization.

It kept people emotionally attached to the plight of the Cuban people and made them favor US involvement in Cuban Independence.

PEople from Spain are white but latin Americans are not theyre a mix of black and native American and or spanish descent

Walt Whitman developed a passion for the American people during his time traveling across the country.

The first battle of the Spanish American War was with the Chinnese people. So there fore the first battle was with China.

they whipped up sympathy for the people of Cuba.

The US only fought one conflict in 1900; the insurrection of the Philippine people...after the US had won that territory from Spain...during the Spanish-American War of 1898.

The United States lists 2,656 cases of malaria. The Spanish estimated at 13,000 cases of the disease. The loss due to combat was only 345 for the US and a little of 11,000 for the Spanish.

Latino/ Hispanic are American ethnic generalities, because most people who speak Spanish are not from Spain.

Walt Whitman developed a passion for the American people during his time traveling across the country.

American Indians or sub-Asian Indian? Some of the American Indians were forcefully converted by Spanish missionaries. The people of the country of India were exposed to Catholicism during the English imperial colonization of the area.

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