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Asked by Emmanuel Bednar
Selena Gomez

What are some of the most misheard song lyrics of all time?


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d a
6 days ago

Message in a Bottle - The Police

A year has passed since I wrote my note is misheard as a year has passed since i broke my nose.

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February 08, 2020 5:47PM

In Ariana Grande's 'One Last Time' song, there's a line in the beginning where she says

"I know I should have fought it" and it sounds like she says " I know I should have farted" lmao

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TrueDragonzzz Gaming
February 01, 2020 11:05PM
Sister Sledge's "We Are Family" has "just let me staple the vicar". It's supposed to be, "Just let me state for the record." (As seen in Peter Kay's Misheard Lyrics)
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February 03, 2020 7:40PM
Annie are you walking?! Are you walking Annie? What Michael Jackson sings about is: Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie?!
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Brady Church
January 28, 2020 9:46PM
I think that the Chainsmoker's recent song, Push My Luck, definitely starts off confusing with the lyrics "might have started off rocky" and I personally think of froggys due to the way that they say it. Just my thoughts.
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Ryan Lilitu
February 05, 2020 4:21PM

The Skyrim song that plays on the main menu and when you fight a dragon. All of my friends have argued over what it says at least twice

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Haneen Issa
February 09, 2020 8:43PM

just do it, ya thats the song!!!

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Audrey Hall
February 02, 2020 1:09PM
The song Higher Love. Its commenly misheard as ''Bring me a pie of love'', When its really "Bring me a higher love"
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February 04, 2020 7:55PM

"im far**** carrots" good for you selena gomez why is the word far**** not allowed?

or ariana grande 7 rings "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it" the lyrics are not got it or cut it

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d a
6 days ago

Message in a Bottle - Police.

A year has passed since I wrote my note is misheard as a year has passed since i broke my nose

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Daylan Comas
February 08, 2020 11:35PM


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Beatryx Hill
February 04, 2020 6:52PM

Ahh savanah which

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February 08, 2020 11:07PM

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

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February 06, 2020 8:08PM

man dude gunna do cat meet on shelf

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Imaani H
February 06, 2020 9:54PM

Sons of

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Candy Paredes Salinas
February 07, 2020 4:31AM

is 7 a multiple of 35

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Min Yoongi
February 07, 2020 4:24PM

BTS' song "Danger" is definitely one of the strange ones lol

I know that most don't like K-pop but please go check it out? Maybe it'll have an effect on you and you'll begin to like them?? Really hope so xx

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February 06, 2020 6:45PM

1,2 freddy is coming for you

3,4 better cruiafix

5,6 better lock your doors

7,8 better stay up late

9,10 never sleep again ....


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Melanie James
February 08, 2020 3:48AM

so am i, lily, none of my buisness, bad girlfriend, dollhouse,

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Johnathan Cortez
February 03, 2020 9:52PM
one song is old town road
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Emmanuella Umoh
February 03, 2020 6:49AM
This popular song by Bon Jovi seems simple enough with its repeating lyrics, "Woah, we're halfway there / Woah-oh, livin' on a prayer," but it is still misheard, whether deliberately or not. One of the most famous misheard iterations is: "Woah, we're halfway there / Woah-oh, Squidward on a chair."
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Cameron Browning
February 03, 2020 3:32AM
When the party over by Bile Elish Nevr is on youtube grammys song 2020
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Dylan Sanders
February 02, 2020 10:43PM
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Steve Smith
February 02, 2020 9:41PM
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February 02, 2020 4:30PM
in current joys song new flesh when it says i dont give a sh*t i hear gonna do a sh*t
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February 07, 2020 7:02PM

bury a freind

billie eillish

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February 08, 2020 12:51AM

pierce the veil's "king for a day" opening lyrics are "dare me to jump off this jersey bridge". i heard "danny who humped all of the fridge"

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Anthony Gonzales
January 31, 2020 9:25PM
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Daniel Barton
February 04, 2020 6:42PM

I like to move it