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What are some of the symptoms when you are 12 weeks pregnant?


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2006-02-01 11:10:35
2006-02-01 11:10:35

if you are slim to medium size, you will start to show, feel movement as early as this, be VERY tired, and nipples and breasts get huge! At 12 weeks with a single baby you would neither show nor feel movements. With a multiple pregnancy you may just feel both, especially if you have had a baby before.


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It depends. Some pople have a stomach at 5 weeks or 12 weeks, its mostly herditary

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If you are 12 weeks pregnant, it is not implantation bleeding. Consult your doctor right away.

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12 weeks ago ... or approximately three months ago or approximately July 20th.

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Some people don't get cravings at all during pregnancy. Some people can get them as early as 2 weeks pregnant. Others get them around 6 weeks pregnant. Others get them during the second trimester (12-29 weeks pregnant)

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What date did you post this, are you 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant on the 17th january 2010?

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