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I am motivated to do a good job because It gives me a good feeling and a sense of pride. I am pleased with myself when I do a good job. I want others to know that I go the extra mile. I love to think and work at improving methods and techniques to get things done efficiently.For some strange reason I feel urged to do the best job I can, maybe for approval and acceptance. Or because I like to be helpfull. I work the best though doing things that I enjoy. Thank God I have a job I love. You should always move towards jobs that really feel like they fit you. Lots of people are in denial about what they really want to be and do. Don't be shy or ashamed or afraid. The things you really want for yourself are the things you will be the best at doing and ultimately be the happiest. You are just ripping yourself off if you don't follow your dreams. Everyone has a dream or a direction. Some people have courage and determination to go get it and some live in misery and don't understand why. I know why because I almost through my life away until I found out that life is an experience that you have a lot more say in than you think. Don't follow, don't allow, do what you want, enjoy your life share your experiences with others and do your best to spread love and acceptance. In return you will find more love and acceptance from others towards you. Give to the world exactly what you want back. It's a mystery or maybe a miracle call it what you will IT WORKS. Of coarse sour people have sour lives and sour other peoples lives. Stay far away from toxic people. We have a choice in how we respond to our experiences. Find happines, you know where to find it but you have to listen to your gut, your heart, be persistent and always remind yourself." You are only as happy as you make up your mind to be." Abe Lincoln Go do good and be good and peace with find a place to rest in you.

money pride to please self/others pleasure at result

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Q: What are some of the things that motivate you to do a good job?
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How do you motivate yourself to find a job?

MONEY to buy stuff have fun and things.

What motivate you to do good job?

I am motives for this job like I can sever a passangres by pations and a good ways greeting smiling and give to them attantion

How would you answer the question 'What are three things that will motivate you on your job' during a job interview?

Teamwork, recognition, and possibility of promotion.

How do you motivate myself in a job?

You teach yourself English. Only you can motivate yourself.

What motivate you for applying monitoring and evaluation job?

You may be asked your motivation for applying for a particular job. This is a question you will want to give thought to and have a good answer prepared when being interviewed.

What motivates people to learn?

People want to learn for many reasons. Some people just love learning new things, and are always looking for information. Some people want to learn in order to make good grades and get a good job. Some people want to learn so they will be smarter. Some people want to learn so they can be better at whatever they are doing. Everyone needs to discover what motivates them best, and learn how to motivate themselves to do things!

Write good employee comment?

A person would have to know the employee to be able to write a comment about them. Some things that could be included is how well they are performing their job duties and some things about their personality on the job.

How do you motivate yourself to do monotonous work?

It depends on the work that you are doing. If it is very important, for a job or school project, then you can motivate yourself by telling yourself that if you do a good job then you will be rewarded. If that doesn't work then think about how, for lack of a better word, pissed your boss / teacher will be if you do a bad job. And that you may fail or be fired, depending on what the project is for.

What motivates you on the job?

as long as you love what you are doing it will motivate you

How do you remain motivated on the job?

How do you remain motivate yourself?

What do you need for to buy a house?

Some things are - A job, money for down payment and good credit.

What are some things to like about a job?

Some things to like about a job would be:flexible work hoursinteresting projectspleasant and friendly coworkersgood leadershipprofessional atmospherefair pay

What is the purpose of management of online jobs?

Every job needs management, whether online or in the physical world. Managaement assures that things are accomplished in an accurate and timely manner. Good managers motivate people to be productive and detail-oriented.

How do you motivate off shorelazy worker?

Move their job to the USA

How does homework give you a good job?

It helps you learn information you might use. It helps you learn how to discipline yourself to finish a job and do it right. It helps you learn how to motivate yourself to work hard.

Why are wives so annoying?

Its their job, they're trying to motivate their husbands

What will be in a good business development job description?

There are many things that would be in a good business development job description. Examples of things that would be in a good business development job description includes marketing responsibilities and strategic analysis.

What does job enrichment mean?

Job enrichment is a way to motivate employees by giving them increased responsibility and variety in their jobs.

How do you answer the question 'How did you motivate a team to complete an undesirable task'?

"Job and Finish" is a good way. Promise them they can leave work early if they finish the task early.

Does hard work mean success?

Most of the time yes and some times no depending if your doing a good job and doing things right or if your doing a bad job and doing things wrong you won't have very much success.

Did gough whitlam do a good job?

personaly yes but everyone has different opinions. i mean all the good things he done was incredibal but he also done some bad things but which prime minister hasen't!lol

What two or three things are most important in your job?

good english good maths good gcse

What does Proficient in Excel means?

It means that you have a very good knowledge of Excel. It means you can do a lot of things with it, even some advanced things. So you would have no difficulty using it in a job where it is used for practical things.

What things are most important to you in your job?

A good answer to this question is, 'To be a strong member of the team.' Also, 'I like to do my job well and as quickly as possible.' 'It is important for me to have the freedom to be creative.' These are some possible answers.

Leadership Vs Management?

The Management job is to plan, organize and coordinate. The Leadership job is to inspire and motivate. The main difference is their functions.