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Playing Basketball, drinking beer, trolling on the internet.

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Q: What are some of the things they do in Lithuania?
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What are some things that are made in Lithuania from its resources?

jewelery from amber found on baltic sea coast

What are some taboos of Lithuania?


What are some common jobs in Lithuania?


What kinds of mountains are in Lithuania?

Lithuania has no mountains, only some high elevations that are no more than 300 meters.

What were some locations in the Holocaust?

Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania.

What are the interest in Lithuania?

many things lots of castles shops malls parks everything

What does Lithuania do for entertainment?

many shops things put new parks you get prizes in contests

What are some characteristics of Lithuania?

Lithuania is located in Europe and has many lakes and wetlands. The country also has lowlands and highlands located within.

What are some countries that starts with the letter L?

Lithuania Laos

Is Lithuania a desert?

No, Lithuania is not a desert.

What was Lithuania once called?


What is Lithuania?

Lithuania is a country in Eastern Europe.

Is English spoken in Lithuania?

People in Lithuania speak lithuanian. Some people in Lithuania know how to speak english, or at least know the basics. Most of them are young adults and teenagers.

Is Lithuania an English speaking country?

Some people in Lithuania speak English, but it is not an English-speaking country, in that English is not the primary language of the people.

Why is it named Lithuania?

because if you say lithuania in lithuanian the first part sounds like rain and there is a lot of riain there sometimes in some seasons

History on Lithuania? most of the things you could want to know are there

Who is the tenant of Lithuania National Stadium?

The tenant of Lithuania National Stadium is Lithuania national football team in Lithuania and it is under construction.

What is the capital of Lithuania?

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

Where is the capital of Lithuania?

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius

What is the captil of Lithuania?

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

Is Lithuania republic?

Yes,Lithuania is republic

What are some famous natives in Lithuania?

Paksas, Radži, Kieša, Ginevičius.

Is Lithuania located in Europe or Asia?

Lithuania is in Europe. Also, Lithuania is a geografical center of Europe.

How long can the leader of Lithuania stay the leader of Lithuania?

until he dies because iam from lithuania

What is Lithuania's influence on the US?

Lithuania had no influence on the US.