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The oldest breed is the Arabian. Thoroughbred and several draft horse breeds are quite old too.

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What are considered old horse breeds?

The Arabian is the oldest horse breed in the world.

How many different types of horse breeds are there?

There are OVER 100 horse breeds in the world!Here are some links of some horse breeds and information about them:http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/horses/http://www.mypets.net.au/flex/articles/37/horse-breeds.cfmThanks, I hope you find my information handy. :)

What are some Egyptian breeds of horse?

the Arabians are the Egyptian horse used

How heavy are horses?

Well it mostly depends on what kind of breeds! There are three species of horses. Ponies, Light Horse, Heavy Horse. Here are some examples of these three species! Names of pony breeds are Shetland, Fallabella, Australian pony. Some Light Horse breeds are the most common Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Friesian. And some heavy horse breeds are Clydesdale, Shire, Percheron.

What horse breeds are not considered old?

Arabian's, Barb, Sumba, Shagya, Exmoor, Brumbly, Fiesian. Those are a few old breeds.

How old is the breed of horse perchen?

It's pronounced and spelled Percheron, and it is a really old breed. It has contributed to some of the oldest breeds in history.

Is a horse an endangered animal?

The horse itself is not endangered, but there are some breeds of horse that will likely go extinct.

What are some Canadian wild horse breeds?

the Canadian horse is a breed that originated in Canada

How many breeds of horse are there?

there are about 267 breeds in the worldAnswerTher are hundreds of horse breeds all over the world - some American breeds, however, are classed as a breed in America and a colour everywhere else, such as the Palomino and Pinto.

Can thoroughbreds outrun other breeds?

Yes !! Throughbreds are the fastest horse breeds in all of the horse breeds !!

What are the heavy horse breeds?

Some of them are Shire, Clydesdale, and Percheon

Does the breed of the horse determine their speed?

Yes, there are some horse breeds that are bred solely on their speed.

Which horse breeds do cattle work?

Andalusian Most of the American stock horse breeds are used for cattle work, including the Quarter Horse, the Paint Horse, the Appaloosa, and various cross-breeds of them. In theory, any breed can work cattle, but the stock horse breeds are known for their "cow sense." Andalusians are highly prized in some regions for their bravery and cow sense.

What are different horse breeds?

There is many different horse breeds, some examples are the Appaloosa, the American Quarter Horse, The Mustang, the Arabian, the Pinto or Paint, and The Finn horse. There are also Pony breeds too like the Shetland, Welsh, Pinto ponies, Paint ponies, and many others.

How many different horse breeds are there?

there are over 350 pony and horse breeds in the world.

Are there more than 50 horse breeds?

Yes, there are hundreds of horse and pony breeds.

How old does a horse have be to ride?

Depends on the breed. Some (like a quarter horse) are ready around age 2. Other more high-strung breeds may not be ready until 3 or 4 years old.

What are some horse breeds known for stamina?

Arabians have the most stamina of all the horse breeds. Approx 90 percent of endurance racehorses are Arabian or part-Arabian.

Where could one find a list of horse breeds?

One can find a list of horse breeds on Wikipedia. The main horse breeds are Barb horse, Abtenauer, Abyssinian horse, Akhal-Teke, American-Indian horse, Friesian horse and Irish Draught.

How many horse breeds are in the world?

there sre more than 100 horse breeds in the world

What are some horse breeds in Russia?

Russian horse breeds I know of are: Budenny Bashkir Don Kabardin Tersk Orlov Trotter and the Vladimir Heavy Draft. Hope this helps! :)

How many horse breeds are there in America?

There are 96 beautiful horse breeds in America my favs are the American Quarter Horse,Paint Horse,and Mustang horses.

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