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I think it is a good school and the material is more than adequate for college coursework, since I have attended both an online school and a regular university and I can compare the two. The pros are definitely that I can attend on my own time and it doesn't take too long to complete a class (just 9 weeks), and I don't have to worry about traffic or finding a parking space, etc. It is very intense breaks whatsoever, as soon as you finish one class you start the next one the day after. No spring break or summer or anything, but it is possible to get your bachelor's in 3.5 years if you are dedicated. Some of the CA state universities take 5 years just because the classes are so overcrowded you have to wait for availability. The most I had in a class at UPX was about 15 other students.

The cons are the cost. I am receiving financial aid in the form of student loans, but sometimes the loans fall a little bit short. In the two years I've been there I've probably had to pay about $1,000 total out of pocket, but you get to write off some of it on your taxes the following year. Since I've been there, the tuition has gone up 4 times. I guess it is because they have to pay for all those TV ads and the naming rights to that huge stadium in Phoenix. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Tuition is going up at almost every university in the country. Why would the University of Phoenix be any different? As far as the name on the stadium? That can be great for students! University of Phoenix is know worldwide because of the genius marketing. Is that really hurting it's students and alumni?

Overall though, the instructors are pretty good, the material isn't too tough and I can get a hold of my guidance counselor when I need to. It remains to be seen what happens when I get my degree - a lot of employers out there still don't see UPX as a "real school". Some of the students in my classes seem like they don't have a high school education, but at the same time I have a lot of friends that attend traditional universities that I know would never make it at UPX. It takes a lot of discipline to attend classes on your own, so if you slack off for even a week, you'll be failing the class in no time.

I attended a traditional brick and mortar school as well as the University of Phoenix and I found that working on the team projects was closer to my real world work experiences. It seemed like every team had a couple of people that did the most to complete projects and then there would be a couple of people that everyone else was always waiting on. Completing the University of Phoenix coursework required a significant amount of discipline because the entire semester of a class was squeezed into a 5 week period so if you fall behind it is very difficult to catch up. If you stay on top of the work and put in the effort then the class work is reasonable to keep up with even when working a full time job. University of Phoenix also provides a significant amount of resources to help your progress, you pay for them with resource charges so make sure that you use them. As far as job prospects, I haven't had any negative feedback concerning my degree and have several people who are my direct reports that have attended more "prestigious" 4 year schools. If anything, I get the curious questions about the experience. However, even if I attended Harvard, someone from Columbia may turn their nose up. If you are worried, remember there are more people graduating from University of Phoenix than any other school so eventually most of the hiring managers will be University of Phoenix Alumni.

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Q: What are some opinions on The University of Phoenix?
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University of Phoenix is a private college.

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