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To repair a piano in Miami, one may check the Yellow Pages website. Some of the listings include American Piano Service, Phillip Ryan Piano Tuning and Fernando's Piano Service.

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Q: What are some options in order to repair a piano in Miami?
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Pianos are extremely complex mechanisms. In fact, they are so complicated that they literally have thousands and thousands of parts. How to repair a piano cannot be answered without details on what aspect of the piano needs to be repaired. One thing that can be definitely stated, however, is that almost every single part in a piano is a precision component that requires expert training and years of practice to set right and do so properly. So, how do you repair a piano?... Open your phone book, look in the yellow pages and (generally speaking but not a statement set in stone) try to hire someone who advertises that they are part of the Piano Technician's Guild. Many terrible repair men/women are members of the PTG and many excellent repair men/women do not belong to the PTG. However, it is a starting point if you are not sure who to choose.

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