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goats, sheep,

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Q: What are some organisms located on mountains?
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Where are some folded mountains located?

FOLDED MOUNTAINS are located in the himilayas

What are some plants located on mountains?

for the air

What region are some of the highest mountains located?

It is in the south east

What mountains are located in northwestern Africa?

The Atlas Mountains are the mountains located in northwestern Africa.

Where is upwarped mountains located?

Upwarped mountains are located in Alaska

Where is scythian mountains located?

scythian mountains was located in scythia

In what state is the Great Smokey Mountains located?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in both Tennessee and North Carolina. The Great Smokies are supposed to be some of the oldest mountains on earth.

What state are the green mountains located?

the Green Mountains are located in Vermont

In which state are the Green Mountains located?

The Green Mountains are located in Vermont.vermont

Where are the green mountains located in the us?

the green mountains are located in tallahasse

Where is the Sedona mountains located?

The Sedona Mountains are located in Sedona, AZ.

Where are white mountains located?

The White Mountains are located in New Hampshire

On what continent are the Balkan Mountains located?

The Balkan Mountains are located in Europe.

Which mountains are located in tibet?

It is the other way round, Tibet is located IN the mountains. These mountains are called the Himalayas.

Are most observatories located in the mountains?


What provinces are the rocky mountains located?

The Rocky Mountains are located in British Columbia.

Were are the Atlas Mountains located?

The Atlas mountains are located in AfricaNorth West Africa.

What mountains are located in North Carolina?

Mountains that are located in North Carolina are as follows: * Blue Ridge Mountains * Smoky Mountains * Grandfather Mountain * Mount Mitchell * Black Mountain * Appalachain Mountains * Mount Airy * Mount Pilot . . . . and probably some more that I can't find!

Which country is the Pensacola Mountains located in?

The Pensacola Mountains are not located in any country. It is located on the continent of Antarctica.

Where are the Pocono mountains located?

The Pocono Mountains are located in Northeast Pennsylvania in the United States of America. The mountains are mainly located in Pike and Monroe counties.

Where is Antrim mountains?

The Antrim mountains are mountains are mountains that are located in County Antrim, Ireland.

Which countries are the Ural Mountains located?

The Ural Mountains are located in both Russia and Kazakhstan.

Where are the catskill mountains located?

Catskill Mountains are located in New York state , US

Where are the Drakensberg mountains located?

The Drakensberg mountains are located in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Where is the Pamir Mountains located?

The Pamir Mountains are located in eastern Tajikistan in Central Asia.