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What do we call a picture painted on a wall

How many paintings are there of Harris Burdick

The Age of Reason was another name for which era

Which of these should an art critic also be in order to be successful

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Q: What are some paintings called in the mobile museam of art?
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Do Archaebacteria have mobile or immobile?

Some are mobile (called motility, by using flagella or cilia) while some are immobile.

Why are some paintings considered a sham?

Some paintings may be considered a sham because they are not the original painting and rather are a copy of the original created by another artist. This is called art forgery.

What is the art museum in Pittsburgh called?

Carnegie, and the Frick Fine Arts has some Paintings, and there is the Warhol.

What is the location of some ancient cave paintings in Spain Called?

In Altamira cave, Cantabria, Spain

What were some memoirs of paintings that Paul Revere painted?

The colonial Paul Revere was a silversmith, not a painter. There are what are called, "Paul Revere paintings" that are done by a number of modern artists.

What were monets paintings called?

Some of the most famous paintings by Claude Monet (1840-1926) are:Impression: SunriseRouen Cathedral (Portal in Sun)The WaterliliesBoulevard des Capucines, Paris

What are some paintings called by Leonardo da Vinci?

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What are some paintings in Spain?

See the related link they are just some of the paintings in Spain.

What are some of Edvard Munch's paintings?

Some of Edvard Munch's paintings are "The Scream" and "The Dance of Life"

Why are mobile phones are named cell phones?

Because they use cellular technology. They are still called mobile phones in some countries and even by some people in the US.

What were some of Grandma Moses' paintings called and what were the of?

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What are some paintings by Zula Kenyan?