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Q: What are some periodic functions in your daily lives?
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Give some importance of research in your daily lives?

nakuyapan sila

What are some periodic functions?

Some examples of periodic functions include sine and cosine functions, square wave functions, and sawtooth wave functions. These functions repeat themselves over a given interval, called the period, and have the same values at regular intervals.

Can someone with down syndrome manage daily functions alone and under no supervision?

yes,down syndrome affects each persons learning abilities differently some stay children all their lives but some can function normally in everyday situations

What are some ways that electricity and magnetism can help us to communicate in your daily lives?

radioTVtelephonetelegraphyinternetorbiting satellitesetc.

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they had sexy sex

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Many things need bacteria to carry out their daily life functions. This includes humans, other animals, and some species of plants.

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Because, everyone that we encounter in our daily lives, worries about their own lives, before anothers. Unless that of their child's or families, at least, in some cases.

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To what does the term periodic in periodic table refer?

Periodic means reoccuring. On the periodic table, periodic refers to the elements in each group having some of the same simularities and some of the same properties.

What are some examples of integers that you use in your daily lives?

temperature,money(withdrawing&depositing in a bank),and most numbers the are on a number line.

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It makes life more difficult!! Prices of some commodities skyrocket!! Jobs are lost!!