What are some phone numbers for babysitting jobs?

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Q: What are some phone numbers for babysitting jobs?
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What are some jobs for 13?

babysitting/dog sitting

What are some jobs for 13 year olds besides babysitting?

You can help out. what?

What are some odd jobs for a 13 year old into jewelry and babysitting?

Babysitting and selling home made jewelry on ebay.

What jobs involves babysitting?

Some jobs involving babysitting are as follows: teacher, nanny, youth care worker, pediatrician, educator, children's councilor, photographer, social worker.

Jobs for 11 year olds in VA?

some are lucky and find babysitting and cleaning and petsitting/walking jobs

What are some jobs for a sixth grader?

Babysitting, Lawn Mowing, and Chores for other People

What are some jobs hiring for teens?

Babysitting Mall stores Pet sitting ect.

Jobs for children?

Do some yard work, recycle cans, paper route, babysitting. (If your children are old enough to do these jobs.)

What are some good jobs at teen age?

Mowing lawns or babysitting is pretty good cash.

What sort of baby sitter jobs for kids are the safest?

Babysitting jobs for kids are not always the best idea. Kids cannot control some young babies, and they have a hard time telling the kids what to do. If kids are babysitting, the safest job is if they are babysitting kids at least 6 years of age.

Can you find a babysitting job in a local newspaper?

Most newspapers will often have some sort of classified section. In that classified section you will often find a 'wanted' section or a place which advertises jobs. Babysitting jobs will be listed therein.

What are some summer jobs for a 13 year girl?

Babysitting, running errands for others, house cleaning, yardwork, other odd jobs.

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