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  • jack of all trades
  • John Q. Public
  • Jane Doe, John Doe
  • jet setter
  • joined at the hip
  • join the club
  • jump-start
  • joyride
  • (ones) John Hancock (signature)
  • Johnnie-come-lately
  • jump at the chance
  • jump bail
  • jump through hoops
  • junk food
  • junk mail
  • junk science
  • just fell off the turnip truck
  • just lost your best friend
  • (to) jerk someone around
  • (to) jump ship
  • jump the shark
  • just do it (Nike advertising slogan)
  • (to) jog ones memory
  • jump the gun
  • jump to conclusions
  • (it's a) jungle out there
  • jump down ones throat
  • jump on the bandwagon
  • (the) jury is still out on that one
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Q: What are some phrases that begin with the letter J?
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