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Dutch to English dictionaries provide a means of finding the English equivalent of a Dutch word. Popular Dutch to English dictionaries include Routledge, Prisma and Van Dale.

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Q: What are some popular Dutch to English dictionaries?
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Name 2 ways dutch influenced New York?

New Amsterdam was a small Dutch trading port, but after some war with the English the Dutch traded it for Suriname with the English which was part of the peace contract. The English renamed it to New York in 1644.

What is the Dutch 'koningen' in English?

"Kings" is an English equivalent of "Koningen."The Dutch word is the plural form of a masculine noun. Its plural definite article is "de" ("the"). Its plural indefinite article is "sommige" ("some").

How many languages can Andre Rieu speak?

Andre speaks Dutch, Limburgs (Dutch dialect) German, French, English, some spanich and italian.

DownloadableEnglish dictionary with sinhala meaning?

There are multiple options available for downloadable English-Sinhala dictionaries online. Some popular choices include the "Sinhala-English Dictionary" by MobiSystems and the "Madura English-Sinhala Dictionary" by Madura Online. These dictionaries can be downloaded as apps on mobile devices or as software on computers for offline use.

Popular names for female English bulldog?

Some popular names for female English Bulldogs are Lulu, Roxi, Nana, and Lucy.

What does the Dutch word elektrotechniek mean in English?

The Dutch word "elektrotechniek" means electrical in English. Some synonyms of the term electrical are charged, dynamic, stimulating, tense, magnetic and many more. Some antonyms of the term electrical are boring, dull, uncharged, unenergetic and more.

What is the most popular artist?

It all depends on your personal taste of course , but some of the most popular artists with many people are ; Monet , french impressionist Edward Manet Pierre August Renoir , french Gustav Klimt Austrian Vincent Van Gogh Dutch Pablo Picasso Paul Gaugin John Turner English John Constable English

What is the Dutch 'Fijne mensen hier in Eindhoven' in English?

Some fine people here in Eindhoven is an English equivalent of 'Fijne mensen hier in Eindhoven'.

What is the Dutch 'moment' in English?

"Moment" is an English equivalent of "moment."The Dutch word takes the singular definite article "het" ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is "een" ("a, one"). The plural form of the Dutch noun is "momenten" ("moments"). The plural definite article is "de," and the plural indefinite article is "sommige" ("some").

What is the origin ofr the surname sprinkle?

This surname Sprinkle could most likely be of1. Dutch: A variant of dutch surname Sprinkel, nickname for a lively person.but, there are some African Americans who bear this surname, meaning...2. English: Perhaps a variant of English surname Springle, or English surname Spring, Springall.See related links below for more information about the Dutch: Sprinkel, and English Springle, Spring, Springall.

What does the word tiener translate to in English?

Tiener is a word in the Dutch language. Translated into English, it means "teen" or "teenager." Some less common translations are "teener" and "bobbysoxer."

What are some ethnic groups of colonial Delaware?

Dutch, Swedish, English, Germans, and even Finnish settled in colonial Delaware.