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There are several popular inkjet toner cartridges. Some of the most popular inkjet toner cartridges include HP, Dell and Brother, which can be bought at almost all computer stores.

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Q: What are some popular inkjet toner cartridges?
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Compatibility of canon ink cartridges?

Canon does not make generic ink cartridges for compatibility with other manufacturers' printers. Canon cartridges vary in price depending on type, from about $12 for some low-end inkjet cartridges up to about $100 for some laser toner cartridges.

What are some companies that refill toner cartridges?

There is a number of companies that refill toner cartridges. PrinterRefill, Walgreens, and Cartridge World are some examples of companies that refill toner cartridges.

What are some of the differences between inkjet and laser printer cartridges?

Laser printer cartridges are much more expensive than inkjet printer cartridges. Laser printer cartridges last a lot longer than inkjet printer cartridges.

What retailers sell OKI toner cartridges?

Some retailers that sell OKI toner cartridges are Staples and OfficeMax. You can also look on the web at amazon or ebay, as they too sell OKI toner cartridges.

Where can I buy some discount inkjet cartridges?

There are many companies online which sell discount cartridges. is a company I used before. has good deals for inkjet cartridges also.

What is the Advantages of Toner Cartridges?

There are Advantages of Toner Cartridges some point are given below - 1)We get Faster Printing Experience By Toner we can get Sharp Picture 3)Toner cartridge is last longer Toner is Good for Environment.

Where can one purchase toner cartridges for an HP LaserJet 4500?

Toner cartridges for an HP LaserJet 4500 can be purchased at a variety of retail locations. Some stores that sell HP LaserJet 4500 toner cartridges include 247 Ink Toner, Ink Tuit, and Toner Lot.

What are some examples of printers that use MICR toner cartridges?

MICR toner cartridges can be used in Canon, Dell and Hewlett-Packard printers. Lexmark, Samsung and Xerox are also printers that can use MICR toner cartridges.

Where can you purchase Inkjet ink cartridges?

One can purchase Inkjet ink cartridges from both retail stores and online. Some examples of where ink cartridges can be purchased online are: 123inkjets, Amazon, Printerinks and Staples.

Are laserjet toner cartridges reusable?

Some laserjet ink toner cartridges are reusable, but it depends on the brand of your printer and what type of ink cartridges it uses. The ones that are reusable can be refilled with ink or recycled.

What are some ways for recycling toner cartridges that are made for printers?

You can donated the cartridges as charity. The are many organizations that accept these cartridges, and you can send them throught the mail.

How many times an inkjet cartridge can be refilled?

An inkjet cartridge is an ink holder for the computer's printer's use. Inkjet cartridges are reasonably sturdy and can be refilled generally up to 5 times, however there are some cases that the cartridges has been refilled 20 times.

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