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What are some positive adjectives ending in ing that describe a person?


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forgiving, understanding, entertaining


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There are many positive adjectives that are in the English language that can be used to describe a person. Some of these words include ambitious, decisive, calming, coherent, cheerful, and helpful.

Positive adjectives beginning with N:NeatNiceNobleNotableNoteworthyNoticeableNurturing

There are no adjectives beginning with the letter z that describe a shy person.

Some positive adjectives for a person that begin with the letter I: IntelligentInnovativeInterestingIlluminating

Keen, kind, kindhearted, klutzy, knowledgeable and kooky are adjectives that describe a person.

Adjectives used to describe a person who is hurt easily by disappointment are: Sentimental and senstive.

No verbs will describe a person. A person is a noun, and verbs do not describe nouns. Adjectives describe nouns.Examples of adjectives that can describe a person and begin with the letter N:nervousnicenormalnurturing


路 impartial 路 important 路 incredible 路 independent 路 industrious 路 insightful 路 inspiring 路 intelligent 路 irresistible


Nouns do not describe other nouns. Adjectives describe nouns.Some adjectives the describe a person and begin with R:rebelliousresourcefulresourcefulrespectful

The word 'person' is a noun; words that describe nouns are adjectives.The appropriate adjective to describe a person with taste is a tasteful person.

Adjectives are words that describe other words. For example, He was a terrible person. Terrible describes person. Terrible is describing what type of person.

Adverbs do not describe people or any other noun. Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Adjectives describe nouns.



Some adjectives that start with a W that can describe a person are:warmwatchfulweakwelcomingwetwickedwildworkingworriedworst

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