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there is only 1 processing device the CPU.......

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Q: What are some processing devices?
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What are some processing devices in computer?


What is the definition of processing devices?

Processing devices are those devices which are used for processing the computer system. For example:mother board, video card,sound card etc.

What two devices for processing?

the processing devices are CPU, CD-ROM, and Memory Card

Definition of processing device?

defintion of processing devices

What are the processing devices?


What are Processing devices?


What are the processing devices of the computer?

CPU-Central Processing Unit

Do Output devices contain the electronic circuits which cause processing to occur?

No. The processing occurs in the Central Processing Unit. Output devices only present the results of the processing after it has been carried out.

What are the three fundamental elements of a computer?

CPUMemoryI/OInputOutputStorageArithmetic Logic UnitControl UnitMemory UnitInput/Output Unit(s)Input devices, Processing Unit, Output Devices. Input some raw data after processing you will get Information as Output. The structure will be like this.......... Data----------> Processing----------------> InformationInput---------> Processing----------------> Output

Where are processing devices found?

in a computer

What are 5 examples of processing devices?

A processing device is a machine that stores, retrieves and processes data. Five examples of processing devices include; The Hard Drive The Motherboard Memory Card RAM (Random Access Memory) CPU (Central processing unit).

What devices make information resulting from processing available for use?

Output Devices

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