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CPU-Central Processing Unit

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Q: What are the processing devices of the computer?
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Where are processing devices found?

in a computer

What are some processing devices in computer?


What is the definition of processing devices?

Processing devices are those devices which are used for processing the computer system. For example:mother board, video card,sound card etc.

Where does the processing of computer take place?

in the cpu, or central processing unit

What are the different computer processing devices?

there is manydiffrent types of processing devices e,g, ram/dc and i dont know the rest XD

What are the three basic parts of a computer?

Input devices output devices central processing unit

Define processing devices?

A processing device refers to computer hardware. The term can be defined as the computer hardware that changes inputs into outputs.

What is the main processing device in a computer?

what is the main processing device of a computer

Parts of computer?

the 3 main parts of the computer are : The CPU ( central processing unit or brains ), input devices and output devices.

What are 4 types of computer devices?

The four types of computer devices are:-input devicesoutput devicesstorage devices andthe central processing unit i.e. C.P.U.

What are 3 processing devices?

Mother board , Ram and CPU are the 3 processing hardware devices of the computer. CPU is the main thing in all the three.

What are the components of the computer hardware system?

The main components of a computer hardware system are: input; processing; output. Input devices include the keyboard, mouse, microphone, cameras and scanners, joysticks and touch-screens. Processing devices include the CPU (central processing unit), GPU (graphic processing unit) and APU (audio processing unit). Output devices include the display and printer.

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