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What are some pros and cons of using a heat pump HVAC unit in southern Michigan?


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2006-04-28 00:51:30
2006-04-28 00:51:30

I am a HVAC man from South Carolina...A heat pump uses outsid ambient Air tepms to run efficently...It some times get to cold here in myrtle beach for a heat pump...Any outdoor ambient air temps below about 28 degrees a very bad thing. The first of many reasons...Outdoor coil would never defrost. The number 2 reason the outdoor fan motor would freeze....from slush turning to ice cicles...the Electric heat bill would be HUGE...I would say that you should use a straight air cond/ gas pack...gas is more than oil but WAY safer...or look into radient heat celings or floors..Ask a pro...Good Luck..Donald J Nesmith


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