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What are some pros on homework?


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Homework is helpful since it supports of what the student is learning in school, instead of wasting your time in school and learning a whole lesson and practise what they learned. Just simply learn the lesson at s Homework shows a student's understandings of a subject, and all the weaknesses they have. This is helpful since they can learn their weaknesses, and do good in school. Homework is also beneficial to kids since it keeps kids minds off things that are not good for them, for example, video games and TV.

a pro is the student reaveals his creativity and a con is there is less family time and more stress on the student that can do a lot of stuff is the best A con is less activity and family time. And heavier backpacks

Well, Im a 7th grader. and my opinion on homework is half and half uselful and not.

it basically reviews what you learned at school. and its not so usefull because it uses time and some people get over-fustrated with it. so im not sure

+ I'm an 8th grader and I'd say that Homwork like xyz said just reviews but i also think it helps you get a differant idea on what your learning about and how to grasp it the best you can.

You could say it's like interpreting a picture, your opinion will always be differant to anothers.
There are many pros for homework.

  1. you get good grades.
  2. you prove to your teachers that you listen to what they teach you.
  3. you get to practice what you learned in class.