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you need to be smart and take the right courses in high school and in college

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Q: What are some qualifications for a pediatric oncologist?
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What is a pediatric oncologist?

A pediatric oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancer in children.

What is the occupation for a pediatric oncologist?

A pediatric oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancers in children.

What is the medical term for pediatric oncologist?

Pediatric oncologist is a medical term meaning a specialist in cancer in children.

How to describe what a pediatrician oncologist?

A pediatric oncologist treats cancer in children.

What do pediatric oncologists do?

An oncologist treats cancer patients. Pediatrics is children's medicine. A pediatric oncologist would treat children who have cancer.

What skills and abilities are needed to be a pediatric oncologist?

To be a pediatric oncologist, you must have a Medical Doctor degree. It is advisable to do a residency involving general pediatrics, general oncology, and pediatric oncology.

How much money does a pediatric oncologist earn?

The median expected salary for a typical pediatric oncologist in the United States is $195,249.

What is the work environment of a pediatric oncologist?

Some pediatric oncologists work in hospitals, and some work in outpatient clinics. They sometimes perform surgery as part of the treatment for cancer.

What is the name for a pediatrician that is specialized in cancer?

pediatric oncologist

How much does a pediatric oncologist make a year?


What is a childrens cancer doctor called?

A pediatric oncologist.

What is a person who works with children with cancer?

A pediatric oncologist.

What is the average age for a pediatric oncologist?


How many years will it take a pediatric oncologist?

To become a pediatric oncologist it will take about 16 years 4 for pre-med 4 for med school 2 for oncology specialization 1 for pediatric specializaton and about 5 for residency

How many hours does a pediatric oncologist work?

I was wondering how many hours in one week a radiology oncologist works?

Is there a doctor specializes in treating children's cancer?

Pediatric Oncologist

What is a doctor that treats children's cancer called?

A pediatric oncologist.

What is in Oncologists?

An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in cancer. There are several diffrent types of oncologists...from radiation oncologist to surgical oncologist to pediatric oncologist. No matter what speciality the doctor is in they deal with understanding and treating cancer.

What qualifications are needed to become a Oncologist?


How many hours do Pediatric Oncologist work a week?

21 hours

Is there a such thing as a pediatrician oncologist?

Pediatric oncologists treat cancer in children.

What do you need to major in to become a pediatric oncologist?

If you are interested in working as a pediatric oncologist, or any kind of physician, you should major in biology in college. If your college has a pre-med major, you should choose that major.

How much does it cost to become a pediatric oncologist?

your looking around 150,000 dollars.

How many years does it take to become a pediatric oncologist?

A person will need at least 6 years of education beyond the years of medical school, in order to become a pediatric oncologist. Oncologists help treat patients with cancer.

What types of classes do you need to take if you are in high school and want to enter into a career as a pediatric oncologist?

probably an anatomy/phsyiology couse and an early childhood course. that's what im going to take and I want to be a pediatric Neurologist. same with my bff conor and he's becoming a pediatric oncologist