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There are many really interesting facts about the Midwest region of the US. Some of those facts include that much of the area is flat, people from that region have a reputation as being friendly, and the republican party began in the Midwest.

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Q: What are some really facts about the Midwest region of the US?
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What are some traditions in Midwest region?

they have the Midwest Folklife Festival which is very, very important. It showcases traditional arts and music from the upper midwest.

What are some plants in the Midwest region?

Wildflowers, trees, duckweed

What are the landforms in the Midwest region?

Caves, plateaus, forests, the Great Plains, the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers are just some of the many landforms in the Midwest region.

What region has some rolling hills such as smoky hills in kansas?


What are some fun facts on Iowa?

Well I know a few facts about Iowa including its temperature. The highest its temperature has been is 118 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest has been -47 degrees Fahrenheit. Iowa is also in the Midwest region of the US.

What are some historical facts of the southwest region of the US?

South-west region of what?

What are some natural features in the Midwest?

whats 3 non-renewable resources in Midwest region

What are some historical facts about the western region?

it is the only region with bruno mars born in it

Which region could also be called Midwest state?

In some circles the other term for Midwestern States have been called the "heartland" region of the United States.

What are some attractions in the Midwest region?

Tourist attractions in the midwest region include The St Louis Arch The city of Chicago The Churchill museum and Iron Curtain memorial at Westminster College at Fulton Missouri. Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev also spoke there.

What are some facts about the Shasta tribe?

They live in the mountain region

What are some CA mountain region facts?

California's mountain region takes up about half of poop.