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Pieces by Red

Shattered by Trading Yesterday

Holding a heart by Girl Named Toby

Broken hearted girl by Beyonce

Breath me by Sia

Impossible by Shontelle

Eet by Regina Spektor

Explosions by Ellie Goulding

The diary of jane (acoustic) by Breaking Benjamin

Who knew by Pink

Escape by Fireflight

All we are (acoustic) by One Republic

Slipped away by Avril Lavigne

When your gone by Avril Lavigne

Black tables by Other Lives

Shiver by Lucy Rose

Hymn for the missing by Red

Broken arrow by Pixie Lott

Lullaby by Sia

Everything went down by Kate Tucker

Born to die by Lana Del Rey

Skinny love by Birdy

hope i helped

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What genre are sad songs?

You can get sad metal songs and you can get sad pop songs e.e. the killers do some sad songs... you know what I mean!

Why are all country songs sad?

Not all country songs are sad. some such as boondocks by little big town is not sad

What are some sad songs on the piano?

songs like La Valse D'amelie by Yann Teirsenit is a really sad song in my opinion...or if your looking for something a bit different you can try Saddness and sorrow from the anime Naruto it is done by different people and also has other names..these are some of the sad songs i know of on piano.

Any really sweet songs?

Concrete Angel by Martina McBride... its really sad

Sad songs for when your friends leave you?

WOW, that's sad! i hope your ok :) well im really into sad songs at the moment and these are my FAVOURITE songs... hope you like :) In Another Life - The Veronicas Sweatheart - Jont Sparks - Coldplay They are the *BEST*

Why do sad songs make you sad?

Because if they didn't make you sad they would not be sad songs.

What are some sad songs by Tyler the Creator?

There are some sad songs by Tyler the Creator. These songs might include Parking Lot, Goblin, Blade, and Inglorious. A complete list of songs can be found online at lyrics websites.

Is there more love songs or more break up songs?

It really depends on which genera you look in. In some you may find more love songs, while you might find break up/sad songs in another.

What are the sadest and depressing songs?

You mean what are the most "sad and depressing songs", right? Depends on what you think really...I personally think that a lot of screamo songs are really sad...people say that it's like "devil music"...but if you really listen, behind all the screams and scariness, the lyrics can sometimes be really touching, and sad. It's like the screams and loud guitar playing are really just a cover-up for what's really going on.

What are some good sad songs?

All songs by BIRDY They are amazing! Especially the songs : "Skinny Love" and "People help the people" which are both by BIRDY I hope this helps. These ae peronally my favorite sad songs.

What are some sad piano songs?

the river flows in you by yurmia.

What are some sad songs that will make you cry?

my heart will go on-celine Dion it is a sad song about the titican

How can sad songs influence the feelings?

Sad songs can make a miserable person ever more miserable. Or, they can make a happy person miserable. Thus, sad songs will make a sad person more sad or a happy person sad, which is sad in and of itself.

When was No More Sad Songs created?

No More Sad Songs was created in 2003.

When was Singer of Sad Songs created?

Singer of Sad Songs was created in 1969-06.

What are some of the best sad love songs?

There are a wide variety of sad love songs that are considered to be classics. "Another Sad Love Song," "Nothing Compares 2 U," and "All by Myself" are all good examples.

What are some friendship songs?

Song For You and Power of Love by Lunatica are a couple I know =) Most of the other songs I know on that subject are about losing a friend who was close to you. Really sad and probably not what you're looking for. =/ Hope I helped =)

When was Sad Songs Remind Me created?

Sad Songs Remind Me was created on 2003-06-24.

When was Nobody Likes Sad Songs created?

Nobody Likes Sad Songs was created in 1979.

What are some sad songs by Daft Punk?

"Veridis Quo" is a little sad actually. EDIT: try "Something About Us"

Is country music the most depressing music?

NO! Some songs are sad, but not depressing.

What are some sad or love songs?

search on youtube so amazing by jannele

What are some of the most popular sad country songs?

Some of the most popular sad country songs are Monday Morning Church, Remember When, Song About Rain, Stealing Cinderella, Just a Dream, Holes In the Floor of Heaven.

Who thinks Michael Jackson is cool?

I think MJ was a great man with some great songs. It's really sad that he died. We will never forget you Michael Jackson

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