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For some vegan jerky recipes, click on the links below -

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Q: What are some recipes for vegan beef jerky?
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What are some easy vegan recipes you could cook for your family?

Some of the easy vegan recipes include the vegan Baby Bella and Spinach, vegan beef soup, and the easy spicy tofu. the best one is the vegan beef is good for a cold weather.

What are some cook books containing beef jerky marinade recipes?

There is a cook book which offers instructions on marinading beef jerky recipes. One book is called Paleo Jerky Marinade Recipe Cookbook, offered in the PDF format.

Where can I find food dehydrator recipes for beef jerky?

There are plenty of recipes for making beef jerky. Some survival or outdoor adventure sites and quite a few online recipes sites. There are quite a few online forums with food sections.

What are some recipes for vegan nachos?

For vegan nacho recipes, click on the links below -

What are some vegetable raw vegan recipes?

There are some raw vegan vegetable recipes in the link below -

How many pounds of beef does it take to make a pound of beef jerky?

It's typically 3 pounds of raw meat for every pound of jerky that is made. For more information about everything related to jerky recipes and how to prepare it check out, There is also some great tips on there about do's and dont's when making homemade jerky.

What are some flavors of vegan jerky?

Well, it depends on the brand. The company Primal Strips comes in Hickory Smoked Soy, Seitan Teriyaki, Hot & Spicy Shiitake Mushroom, Soy Texas BBQ, Seitan Mesquite Lime and Seitan Thai Peanut. See also - 'What are some recipes for vegan jerky'

What are some vegan barbecue recipes?

Vegan barbecue recipes can be found under Related links, below -

What are some of the traditional dishes in the US?

beef jerky

What are some recipes for vegan pizza?

For some sites which provide vegan pizza recipes, click on the related links below - You do not have to make the bases yourself, you can buy vegan pizza bases.

What are some low calorie vegan recipes?

Some great low calorie vegan recipes include roasted green beans and roasted cauliflower.

What are some vegan pie crust recipes?


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