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Timber, salmon, Alaskan Pollock, crab,

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What are some non renewable resources in Alaska?


What are some renewable energy resources?

what are some renewable energy resources

What are some Q and A about non renewable and renewable resources?

Q. What are some nonrenewable resources? A. Some nonrenewable resources are fossil fuels. Q. What are some renewable resources? A. Some renewable resources are trees, fish, oil, gold, copper and bronze.

What are some renewable and nonrenewable resources in Vietnam?

what are some renewable resources in vietnam

What renewable resources are there?

Some renewable resources are sun, soil, air, and stuff like that.

What are the positives of using non renewable resources?

Some Non Renewable resources don't harm the environment as much as renewable resources and fossil fuels.

What are three renewable and nonrenewable resources?

Oil, coal, and gas are some nonrenewable resources. Some renewable resources are soil, air, and water.

What are some renewable resources in Brazil?

Renewable resources would be paper products, wood products.

What are some renewable and nonrenewable resources in Italy?

Renewable and nonrenewable resources are basically the same all countries.

What is made from renewable resources?

some electricity from renewable resources like solar and wind power and hydro

What are the non-renewable natural resources in Alaska?

Fossil Fuels, Gold, Diamonds, Silver.

What are some renewable and non-renewable resources in Brazil?


Why can nonrenewable resources become renewable resources?

Non renewable resources cannot become renewable resources

Is gold a non renewable resources or renewable resources?

Gold is a non renewable resources

What are some renewable and nonrenewable resources of the tundra?

Some of the nonrenewable resources in the tundra include oil and natural gas. One of the renewable resources of the tundra include the sun.

What explains why some renewable resources are considered potentially renewable?

They are only renewable if managed properly.

What are the names of all the non renewable resources?

A non renewable resource is a resource that does not renew at a sufficient rate. Some examples of non renewable resources are coal, petroleum, and some aquifers.

What are similarities of renewable and non renewable resources?

the similarities of renewable and non renewable resources are that the are both resources and both have to do with the environment

Are eggs renewable or nonrenewable resources?

Eggs are renewable resources.

How do humans use renewable resources?

Yes, humans do use renewable resources. Some examples would be plants, animals, and thngs like that. Renewable resources are resources that can be easily replaced, or replaced within a lifetime, so there are many things that are categorized as renewable resources. :) Hope it helped!

What are some types of resources?

natural and renewable

What are Florida's renewable resources?

some of them are trees

What are some renewable resources in Georgia?


How is renewable resources and non renewable resources alike?

they are natural resources

What are resources that do not run out called?

the answer is "renewable"