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Capital Insurance provides personal insurance, business insurance, professional liability, and bonds. This insurance company is an independent insurance agency.

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2013-07-27 08:00:12
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Q: What are some services that Capital Insurance provides?
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What services do 21st Century Insurance provide?

Among some of the services that 21st Century Insurance provides is homeowners insurance. There is also auto insurance, renters insurance, flood insurance, personal umbrella insurance, and more.

What are some services that Federated Insurance provide?

Federated Insurance provides insurance for both personal and business needs. It provides group health insurance for small to medium sized businesses. It also provides life insurance, disability as well as casualty and property insurance.

What are a few kinds of the services that the Indian Post provides?

Some types of services that the Indian Post provides is Banking, Insurance and Mail Services which collects mail and delivers it. Another service that the Indian Post provides is Retail Services collects consumers bills.

What kind of services are provided by the Aetna HMO?

Aetna HMO provides insurance services. Some examples of insurance services available through Aetna HMO include Dental, Health and Medical insurance. You can learn more at the Aetna website.

What are some of the services that Frost Bank offers to consumers?

Frost Bank, located in Texas, provides banking services to both businesses as well as individuals. Some of the services Frost Bank provides include banking and investment accounts as well as insurance.

What are some services available through Capital One?

Capital One is a company that provides many bank related services. These services consist of offering credit cards, providing loans for individuals, providing accounts for small businesses.

What services does Capital Business Credit offer it clients?

Capital Business Credit offers a variety of services. Some of these services are factoring, or accounts receivable financing, provides companies with advances and credit guarantees through the sale of their receivables.

What services does Ceridian Canada provide?

Ceridian Canada, Ltd. provides human resource services in Canada. Some of these services include payroll, human capital management, and workforce management.

What are some of the services provided by Aetna dental insurance?

"Aetna dental insurance provides a variety of health and dental insurance to fit you needs such as affordable discount dental plans that offer preventive care, basic dental care, as well as major dental services."

What kind of financial services are available in Zurich?

"Zurich provides many financial services, mostly in terms of insurances. They offer Car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance for various different types of businesses small or large."

What services are provided by Linea Directa?

Linea Directa is an insurance company. Specifically, the company provides insurance for vehicles. Some vehicles that are covered by their insurance include company cars, motorbikes, regular cars, and quad vehicles.

What are some of the insurance agencies in Chino CA?

Some of the insurance agencies available in Chino, CA are City Best Insurance Services Ltd, Aflac and Farmers Insurance: Cunningham Joe. Other Insurance agencies in Chino are: Star Choice Insurance Services and CAP Insurance Services.

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