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don't date online...... real people are better

but one of my favorites is:

Do your feet hurt? Because you've been running through my mind all day!

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Hi my name is (insert name here). What's your name?

Girls do not like to be approached with dumb lines it makes us uncomfortable. Just go and introduce yourself. Good luck!

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a beautiful smile makes my day better, so can you smile please. chat up lines are crap just make girls laff and be yourself.

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Will you lick my butthole?

Did you come out of grendels moms vagina?

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Q: What are some sexual pick up lines?
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why payton need some good pick up lines?

give some good pick up lines

Why are pickup lines called pick up lines?

Quite simply, pickup lines are called that because they are used to "pick up" the girl.

Where can one find corny pick up lines?

If one is looking for corny pick up lines, there are always sites to visit that will provide the required information. Believe it or not, there is a site called "Pick Up Lines Galore".

What are some good pick up lines for seventh graders?

When in 7th grade there are not a whole lot of pick-up lines because not all girls are interested in dating. Usually lines like, hi I think you are pretty or cute is a good start.

What are some dirty pick up lines?

Gee, thats a nice set of legs, what time do they open?

Which websites provide cheesy pick up lines?

There is a web site call joke4us that has a great amount of chessy pick up lines. They have from the sweetest line to the silliest one. Another site is Tumbir. This site has chessy pick up lines for any occasion.

What are the release dates for Great Pick-Up Lines - 2010?

Great Pick-Up Lines - 2010 was released on: USA: 9 August 2010 (internet)

What are the worst pick up lines?

There are many awful pick up lines. An absolutely horrible one is: are those space pants? Because your butt is out of this world.

What are some ways to hit on a girl?

Just talk and don't be a person your not girls love honesty and NEVER tell pick up lines pickup lines are for the desprate

How do you approach a new woman that you'd like to meet and exactly what to say to start a conversation without pick up lines?

You talk to her without using pick up lines dumb arse.

What are some policy debate pick-up lines?

do you want to go on a field trip in my pants i sure like to be the meat in your sandwich

What is a bad pick up line?

Bad pick up lines have many forms but all have the same result. They don't enable a guy who uses the line to continue a conversation with a girl with a positive mood so that they may eventually hook up.This contrasts with good pick up lines which achieve the objective of making the girl feel comfortable with continuing to talk with you.The main types of bad pick up lines are:1. Rude pick up lines: These lines offend the girl by calling her names or putting her down. A guy may resort to using rude chat up lines when he feels inferior to her and may be rejected. He protects himself by using a rude pick up line so that he feels like he instigated the rejection, not her. These are the worst and least effective lines.2. Dirty pick up lines: Surprisingly popular, dirty pick up lines are your next worst option. They usually contain sexual innuendos implying that the girl will do something sexual with you immediately. In all but the rarest of situations, girls find this to be too forward and don't feel comfortable continuing to converse with you.3. Cheesy pick up lines: The third worst lines use cheesy humor. This mostly involves sickeningly sweet or romantic, or childish plays on words. These lines are bad simply because the girl will wonder why you didn't have anything better to say. And in all likelihood she will be amused at how bad your pick up line was. Whilst maintaining a good mood, this doesn't help you to appear attractive to the girl and often backfires. You are way to pretty to have ur face on facebook.