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- Weight gain even if you are watching your diet and exercising.

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Q: What are some signs of a malfunctioning metabolism?
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It results in malfunctioning of metabolism and diseases e.g. lysosomal storage diseases .

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What are signs that your metabolism has speed up?

Eating more while not gaining any weight.

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Can pills boost metabolism?

Yes, some pills can boost your metabolism. I would recommend Folic Acid.

What are some examples for metabolism?

Her metabolism sped up considerably after she became 30 and started a fitness program

What are some nonliving things that have metabolism?

Fire. Fire is nonliving and it has a metabolism because it eats cloths and wood.

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What controls your body temperature during metabolism?

metabolism isn't a state of the body. the metabolism controls the digestion of fat. blood flow controls body temperature and also some hormones such as adrenaline.

What are the signs of osteoporosis?

Bone pain or tenderness are some of the signs of osteoporosis.

What stores have supplements for metabolism boosters?

Some good metabolism boosters are green tea, caffeine, green coffee beans and brown seaweed are the most recognized metabolism boosters. has listed 185 results of various metabolism boosters you can buy. You can find the metabolism boosters at any nutrition or health food store.

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What are some methods used to boost metabolism?

There are many ways for someone to manipulate their metabolism. In order for you to boost it, you could try taking cold showers, start eating lean protein, do some weight training. As for what not to do, definitely do not skip meals as they maintain the metabolism and regulate it.

What is an easy way to boost metabolism?

Metabolism increases as the body's need for energy increases. This means that exercise can boost metabolism. Some easy exercises involve taking the stairs instead of using elevators.

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