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Q: What are some signs of red tide?
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Can you die from red tide?

No we can not die to eat red tide but some deases occurs.

What are the symptoms of red tide?

What are the symptoms of red tide?

What are some tips on how to stay safe during red tide?

Don't eat the seafood, especially shellfish, during the period of the red tide.

What is a red tide?

Answer :Red Tide is just a red tide that is caused by the moon that is why red tides usually occur at a certian part of the year.

What is a red tide in tagalog?

red tide-pag pula ng tubig

When was Red Tide - band - created?

Red Tide - band - was created in 1992.

When did Red Tide - band - end?

Red Tide - band - ended in 2002.

What are algal blooms that cause red tide caused from?

Red tide is produced when red algae is reproducing

Is red tide cells red blood cells?

No. The red tide is caused by an overgrowth of a type of algae.

How do you not get red tide?

Because dinoflagellate form red tide at the bottom of the sea.[fatima]

What produce red tide?

Garbage that pollute the water forms are the producers of red tide.

What is the harmful effect of an red algae?

Some algae in the red tide contains a poison that can kill fish.

What are facts about red tide?

One interesting fact about red tide is that it grows mostly in coastal waters.

What is the danger of eating clams when red tide?

what is the danger of eating clams whe red tide occurs

How do you control red tide?

Yourself can not control red tide but scientists such as the NOAA use satellites to chek the water in a certain area and try to prevent red tide but it has not worked yet.

How do you get red kool-aid out of clothes?

Tide. Tide is the absolute BEST!!!

Does the moon's gravity have anything to do with red tide?

Red Tide is a term that refer to Algae blooms of toxic phytoplankton, it has nothing to do with the ocean tide or the moon's gravity.

What causes red tide?


How are algal blooms and red tides similar?

A red tide is a type of algal bloom. It is called a red tide because the algae are red and in the water, making the water look red.

What are the ways to prevent red tide?

=Ways to prevent red tide is to stop pollution like sewage leaks ,and fertilizers=

How does red tide affect marine life?

The tide is red from toxins, which are very harmful to all kinds of marine life.

What type of algae causes red tide?

red algae.............

Why is the red tide red?

because the dinoflagellates that causes red tides are colored red

What are some signs of pregnancy if your tubes are tide?

If your tubes are tied the chances of you becoming pregnant is absolutely zero, as the egg will not meet the sperm.

How do red tides form?

Algae particles form and some are deadly. There are red and green ones. The red ones when lots of them get together can make a red tide. When a red tide occurs from tiny fish like Minos and other small fish to whales wash up on shore, DEAD!!!!!!

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